How to make a lot of money in roleplay

how to make a lot of money in roleplay

Focus on Adversary Modes

Comments Shares "I'm unarmed. I'm a journalist, and I'm here to report on the robbery. Look, see my van?

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I was tipped off. The guy you want is in the back. Don't shoot. Without confrontation, I tricked GTA 5 law enforcement roleplayers by preying on assumption and sincerity in the guise of a reporter. I didn't even care about the money—I was hooked on the lie, the scheme and the thrill of getting caught. When I eventually did get rumbled the spell was broken.

Easy money on RP servers.

But what a rush it was before then. Starting out in LS Life is daunting. You're skint, with no obvious means of earning money. Beyond some loose rules found on the server's forums, players are encouraged to learn the world via voice conversations with others, or by way of the server's Lifeinvader the base game's slant on real world social media UI chat creating a trading robot with. En route, though, I spotted another player assaulting an NPC pedestrian and intervened with force.

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In doing so, I failed to notice the squad car circling at my back. Tires screeched, lights flashed and sirens wailed as the cruiser pulled up alongside us.

I was cuffed, read my Miranda rights and escorted to jail. With no roleplaying lawyers online—or so I was told—I was convicted of assault and sentenced to ten months in the slammer without trial. Talk about a baptism of fire. I dusted myself off as the two cops made off with my taxi.

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Fuck you! I screamed into my mic, before realising it was Luckily LS Life's judicial system measures months in minutes—but seconds with nowhere to go nonetheless felt like a long time. With this in mind, I emerged a new man and set off in pursuit of an honest living. I visited the server's job centre—located at 3 Alta Street, a purchasable heist apartment in GTA Online—and became a taxi driver.

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  2. The following tips work only in RP servers.

It took time, but I eventually earned enough dough to buy my own car and despite being regaled with tales of drug dealing, money laundering and bank robbery from the backseat of my cab, I remained committed to my puritanical lifestyle. I stuck to crosswalks on foot, I yielded to pedestrians when driving; I bit my tongue and sidestepped provocation from other players, I alerted the authorities to crimes witnessed during my shifts.

In essence, I became a model Los Santos citizen.

GTA Online has a plethora of missions that the players can take part in. Gamers love the online, multiplayer version of GTA 5, where you can enjoy the experience with your friends. GTA RP helps you level up faster, opening up better elements of the game for you, and there are a few missions that you can complete to earn RP faster.

One evening, while transporting another roleplayer from Blaine County to the city, I passed through a set of traffic lights. A squad car pulled me over, and an officer and his cadet asked that I exit my vehicle.

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I politely contested. My hire paid for his ride to this point, thanked me, and left on foot.

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My hire was now out of earshot. Before I could reply, I was tasered. The pair laughed, almost hysterically.

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I was tasered again. And again.

Easy money on RP servers.

Institutional corruption? I dusted myself off as the options charts enforcers made off with my cab.

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As such, I thought this next part was genius. And, having since watched it, my tactics weren't absolutely like-for-like, so I'm still proud of how it all unfolded. How to make a lot of money in roleplay, fuck the LSPD, right?

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After all that, after playing by the rules and having the utmost respect for authority, I wound up getting screwed over anyway. Payback time, I reckoned. But how?

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During my time as a cabbie, I learned that banks, jewelry stores and liquor shops can be robbed in Los Santos Life by equipping yourself with a weapon, and counting down a timer before dealing with the authorities. Once the cops get you, they can of course confiscate dirty money. This wasn't going to be straightforward.

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