How to make money in knowledge. Seven Ways to Share Your Knowledge and Make Money Doing It

10 Ways to Make Money Selling Your Expertise

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LinkedIn0 Chances are that you know something, or that you have a particular skill. Identify Something Others Will Pay For Your first step to making money with your skills and knowledge is to figure out what you have that others will pay for.

Email Do you have valuable knowledge that has helped you become a successful individual or business owner?

Do you have some knowledge that others might want? Are you good at something that others might want to be good at? Think about your talents, and what you know.

If you are a good musician, there are likely others who would pay you to share your knowledge of how to play an instrument. If you have good woodworking skills, someone might pay you to build a piece of furniture we recently paid a local woodworker to build us a custom bedroom set.

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Think about what you can offer. Chances are that someone is willing to pay for what you know — in one form or another.

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The great thing about selling your skills and knowledge is that there are a number of ways that you can convey what you have to others. Here are some ideas for effectively selling your skills and knowledge: Teach lessons or classes: You can offer lessons to individuals, or even teach on a class level.

You can put out fliers or use word of mouth to let others know that you provide one-on-one lessons.

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If your town has a community education program, you can offer classes to small groups of interested students. Offer seminars or workshops as well.

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Consulting services: Act as a consultant to local companies or others. If you have a green thumb, offer yourself as a garden consultant.

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My husband has acted as a survey design how to make money in knowledge, as well as a statistics and analysis consultant. You might be surprised at what others need consulting help with, from public relations to social media to web design.

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  • It could be a hobby, tango dancing, playing a musical instrument, marathon running, changing careers, trading the stock market, budgeting, training sausage dogs, or anything else.
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If you are involved in something that you can sell as a service to others, consider freelancing on the side. Write a book: Share your knowledge in a book.

7 Ways to Make Money Off Your Knowledge

If you can present information in a compelling way, you could earn money from the sales of your book. You can receive royalties if the book is published by a more traditional company, or you can self-publish an ebook or self-publish to Amazon and keep more of your money. You can share tutorials with those who want to learn how to do something you are good at, or share your expertise on a subject. Sell what you make: If your skills are more focused on making things, you can sell what you make.

Set up an online storeand then sell your wares.

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Your skillfully made product might be worth a lot more than you think to some people. More on Making Extra Money.

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