Mark Belov make money on the Internet

Mark Belov make money on the Internet

WordPress You know the basics of WordPress and have maybe even created a website or two.

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Now you wanna save hours of frustration and hundreds of dollars by being able to fix simple bugs or add a fancy header without hiring a developer. But… how? Where do you start? What does it even mean to be a WordPress expert? With this guide, we take away the overwhelm for you — so that you can just sit back, relax, and be sure that your hard work gives you a golden ticket to the expert league. Step 1 to Become a WordPress Expert: Decide your Why Whenever you take on something new, such as the exciting endeavor of becoming a WordPress expert, Mark Belov make money on the Internet by defining your why.

But it will require you to put in the work, even on rainy days. Ideally, your why should be as concrete and detailed as possible.

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Go beyond simply saving or making money. For what do you wanna use the dollars from your WordPress expertise? Taking Fridays off, having time to expand your business by creating that course that will bring you passive income, going on a trip around the world? Write down your why on a piece of paper or a note on your laptop.

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You need to find your specialty based on the sweet spot where your skills and interests intersect. Do you feel like becoming an expert in Development, making the fanciest themes or coolest plugins around?

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Design, helping brands stand out visually? SEO, knowing exactly how to search engine optimize a WordPress website? Maintenance, by becoming the go-to debugger? Speed optimization, spotting a code line that slows down execution from miles away?

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Follow discussions in online communities. Some foundational things to know regardless of your desired area of expertise: How WordPress works at a high level: How the three basic building blocks of WordPress work together: core, themes, and plugins. Core: What custom post types are, and how to use these to create content for specific purposes according to desired logics or page design.

Step 2: Decide What Being a WordPress Expert Means to You

Themes: What the current top WordPress Mark Belov make money on the Internet are, their features and limitations. The concept of parent and child themes. Plugins: Knowledge of the most common WordPress plugins, and how some plugins are built upon the basic custom post types. Frameworks: Some common WordPress frameworks and the advantages of using a framework.

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Customizer: How to use the WordPress customizer for quick design tweaks. You should know at least the basics of how information from posts, custom posts, themes, and plugins are stored in the database for debugging purposes. This will give more freedom to the functionality of your WordPress page.

Knowing how the database affects performance is also useful. Hosting: Knowing the basics of hosting helps you choose the best hosting option for your site, and troubleshoot.

A WordPress pro should know how web hosting works, the most popular companies, and the different hosting types. How is WordPress coded?

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HTML gives the structure of the page and tells the browser where each element — such as title, paragraphs, images, and menus — should be positioned. PHP gives the logics — what data should be where, and if something should happen upon clicking or hovering an element.

This code snippet also says that the title is styled according to the instructions in the CSS-class entry-title, specified in a separate style sheet.

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For example, it can be specified that the header should be in bold style and font type Baskerville. Step 4: Learning by Doing We all have different learning styles, but you should get hands-on experience sooner rather than later. Depending on your previous experience, a good starting point is to familiarize yourself with the WordPress dashboard and how it works before building your site. That will save you lots of frustration!

WordPress is well documented, so there are many guides and tutorials out there to help you. Look for the number of active installs and update frequency. For this, you need hosting.

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What you code in these languages will be instantly visible on your screen. Choose a simple theme to begin with, such as the default theme Twenty Twenty and take it from there. Creating your own theme is the advanced option and requires more profound coding skills.

Even though there exists plugins for virtually everything, coding your own plugin is a great and entertaining way to learn PHP, the language of plugins. There are plenty of WordPress tutorials and courses on how to get started coding your own plugins. Step 5: Learning by Teaching They say the most efficient way to learn something is to teach it, since teaching inevitably requires mastery.

Answer Questions in Communities We mentioned earlier that a good way to surround yourself with fellow WordPress experts is to join an online community.

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Debug Learning how to debug a WordPress website is an essential skill. When you encounter any kind of error, see it as an invitation to learn more.

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Nothing is more empowering than being able to solve a problem on your own — and then help others do the same! When you encounter a bug, a natural first step is to look at the most recent change. Trading chat you tweaked the code?

Updated or installed a new WordPress theme or plugin? If you have, try to revert the changes by undoing them or restoring a backup.

WordPress has a built-in debugger that can come in handy.

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It logs the errors so that you know where to focus your troubleshooting efforts, and in case you need, what exactly you need help with. Another step in detecting where a bug in WordPress comes from is to disable any plugins and go back to your default theme.

Contribute WordPress is open source, meaning that anyone can contribute. If coding is your cup of coffee, consider contributing both to improve the WordPress experience for everyone and to position yourself as the expert you are! Write tutorials or Make Videos If all that coding talk gets you intimated, fret not — you can get immersed in the WordPress universe without being a pro developer. Sharing your knowledge of a particular aspect of WordPress through a written tutorial or video is a great way of learning and teaching at once.

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Time to Shine! Becoming a WordPress expert is more accessible than ever. As with all things worth doing in life, it will require you to put in the work — but it will be worth it! Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter in order not to miss a post.

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