Leoton trading official website.

leoton trading official website

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He has been the key driving force for the success of Gautam General Trading LLC GGT and his skills and expertise have helped achieve rapid growth and accomplished company milestones.

His unique business perspective, creativeness and adaptability have resulted in GGT being recognized as the largest distributor of rice in the U.

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He believes in the principles of product excellence, action oriented business plans and customer centric business practices and has therefore instilled the same principles in GGT.

He has been providing the best management and marketing skills to his sales team and the senior management.

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He has played an integral part in developing marketing strategies to increase customer base and market share for the company. He believes in enduring the growth and success of GGT and focuses on visualizing the future path of the company. GGT aims to provide its customers with superior quality products leoton trading official website effective business practices such as continuous improvements to products and services.

We have our inspection team that checks the quality at 3 stages, that is, at the factory, at the warehouse and prior to customer delivery to help us maintain our supreme quality.

We believe in honoring our contracts and obligations irrespective of the outcome. We promote ethical behavior through transparency and lawful operations.

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We are accountable to each other and accept appropriate rewards and consequences. We foster an environment of equal opportunities that allows for both personal and professional development.

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We ensure inconsistencies are prioritized and adjusted at the earliest. Mission To be recognized and respected as one of the premier Basmati Rice trading firms in the Middle East.


To provide impeccable quality through innovation, initiative and operating excellence. To partner and collaborate with local and international distributors, suppliers and customers through simplicity, commitment, integrity and professionalism.

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To gain market share and cater to leoton trading official website market segments through unmatched brand quality and word of mouth. Our Basmati Rice GGT offers an extensive range of brands that have been carefully developed to deliver authentic flavors that go well with a variety of popular cuisines.

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The rice is matured for period of two years before being processed, then prepared at a state-of-the-art treatment plant that preserves all its purity in perfect hygienic conditions. A delight for your sensory nerves. Cooking When cooked long, slender grain comes out distinct from the other without sticking and makes for the perfect visual treatin one phrase it is a basmati beyond compare.

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Gurbux Rai Aggarwal and Sh. In some of these countries GGT has opened offices for distribution where as in the remaining countries, GGT conducts business through their associates. Further a procurement division has been opened in Mumbai, under the name of Gautam Grain Stores for South Indian varities of rice.

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