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Trend Trading: The 4 Most Common Indicators
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  3. Updated August 05, Julie Bang The Balance To find the best technical indicators for your particular day-trading approachtest out a bunch of them singularly and then in combination.

Stacking the odds — combining the best indicators in a meaningful way Now comes the interesting part. The screenshot below shows a chart with three different indicators that support and complement each other. Note here that we do not use the Bollinger Bands as a trend indicator but just for volatility.

best indicator strategy

We will go through points 1 to 5 together to see how the indicators complement each other and how choosing an indicator for each category helps you best indicator strategy the price much better. During that trend, support and resistance broke as long as the ADX kept above 30 and rising.

Point 2: The ADX has turned and shows losing bullish trend strength — an indication that the support level might not break.

best indicator strategy

Price did not make it past the Bollinger Bands and bounced off the outer Band. Point 4: The same holds true for point 4 — the ADX is still below Best indicator strategy a range, the trader has to look for trendlines and rejections of the outer Bollinger Bands; the RSI shows turning momentum at range-boundaries.

best indicator strategy

Point 5: Point 5 shows a momentum divergence right at the trendline and resistance level, indicating a high likelihood of staying in that range. Example 2 The next chart shows that by combining a RSI with Bollinger Bands, you can get complimentary information as well.

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More is not always better — the right combination of tools is what matters The perfect combination of indicators is not the one that always points in the same direction, but the one that shows complimentary information. Knowing options bets indicator to use under which circumstances is a very important part of trading.

Best RSI Indicator Trading Strategy - Wysetrade Method

Combining indicators that calculate different measurements based on the same price action, and then combining that information with your chart studies will very quickly have a positive effect on your trading.

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