Make 50 money a day

make 50 money a day

Airbnb — Rent Your Room Have a spare room in your house? Rent it out using Airbnb!

  • And, we all know how frustrating it can be when you are behind on your bills.
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Airbnb makes it simple and secure for you. All you have to do is list your space for free, decide how you want to host schedule, prices, and requirements of guestsand you can message qualified guests with any questions before their stay.

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What does it mean for you and how do you get paid? Additionally, you will be entered into their sweepstakes to earn even more.

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By using your phone to search the internet, you will be contributing to their research on Internet trends. Have you heard of Earny?

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Earny is your personal assistant who automatically gets you money back on almost every item you buy by finding better prices and gets you back the difference. Earny scans your electronic receipts in your inbox and continuously monitors those prices everywhere else online.

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When there is a better price, Earny will work on your behalf to claim the difference. Pretty neat idea right? No problem!


You can use motorcycles, scooters, bikes, or even walk in some markets. DoorDash is not currently available in all cities.

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You earn cash for every review you leave! What started out as a music review site, has now evolved to include fashion, mobile phone accessories and others.

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Your feedback on tracks helps artists, record labels and brands make better decisions. You get paid via Make 50 money a day twice a week for your unique, original reviews.

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Generic reviews will be rejected. Slicethepie also has a refer-a-friend program and you can earn money by referring your friends.

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  2. Contrary to popular belied, making 50 dollars online in a day is not a very tough job.
  3. Instead, millions of people take up online gigs and tasks to live their dreams.
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