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The first currency of the pair is known as the "base" currency and the second currency is known as the "counter" or "quote" currency. Forex euro dollar — history EURUSD from a technical point of view and after trying during the previous three weeks, the pair has managed for the first time to rise above the resistance force that has exercised the very long term shelter located at the 1.

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It remains vital to follow the evolution of its quotation concerning long and very long term and for the short and medium helps traders to make decisions of narrow spaces. Binary option migesco reviews in the long-term congestion of the 1. This area will play a critical role from now on as always, will act as an area of consensus by the big investors and the behavior of its quote on it, will have much to say to follow its evolution.

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As long as it does not lose the support delimited by the long term congestion 1. To make positive progress, the long-term 1. Investors look for markets with liquidity and have a significant price movement to make a trade worthwhile.

EUR/USD Technical Analysis

This way they can reduce the time needed to trade without losing many profits. The position traders think of open may not be the right one. The same happens by opening two inverse positions in negatively correlated pairs.

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In these two pairs, the US dollar works as money, and the currency bases belong to two major European economies the Eurozone and the United Kingdom. In the following monthly charts with the quotation of these two pairs from the year it can be observed that, except for some differences mainly of intensity, the direction of the price is the same most of the trading signals for euro. Sincedue to the economic crisis, the magnitude difference has increased, but the similar direction of the price in both currency pairs continues to be maintained.

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Trading signals for euro why this? Let's see what is happening because there are interesting things about it.

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The reality is that investors are still betting on a stricter monetary policy from the European Central Bank. Therefore, it "smells" to a close end of the QE program and that encourages the community currency to rise as it would favor it.

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DOLLAR The weakness of the dollar is not only against the euro but also against the rest of currencies, in fact, the dollar index the dollar's exchange rate against other six currencies to September lows last year. Two causes lead the currency to fall, two reasons actually connected and related: 1. The health reform promised by Donald Trump to repeal the Obamacare reform of former President Barack Obama fails again. Of course, what is being clarified here is that Trump's credibility and that he can carry out the star reforms he promised during the election campaign are evaporating, the illusion fades.

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The severe and potential risk that the inflationary forecasts will remain in nothing implies that the Federal Reserve changes its discourse and has to take the issue of raising interest rates in a more restrained manner.

The bullish trend with no apparent weakness as it continues above 1.

The U. Dollar The United States and the US dollar have a special role in the currency markets, as it has long been accepted as a reserve currency and the currency of choice for international monetary transactions. When economic activity slows down, the dollar weakens.

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