Option image. Magento 2 Custom Option Image Extension

First option select does not display option image

And in the case of product images, seeing can sometimes mean inspiring or convincing.

When an agent attends a customer through a chat only, the conversion is 4. We can see that images play an essential role in building customer trust as well as boosting the brand.

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With bitcoin cords Magento 2, we can not insert images for custom options. But no need to be too worried, our Magento 2 Custom Option image Image extension will blow your problem away.

How does it look in the frontend?

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Each custom option is illustrated by an image, and for drop-down and radio button options, we support swatch images to give more visual flares to your website looks.

When you click on the options, a swatch image will appear, which not only allows customers to take a closer look at their options but also let them remember the visual information longer.

Standard opencart allows to set option images only globally to option values on the option edit page. The module allows to set product specific images for options on the product edit page. The first possible way is to assign images for option values on the product edit page tab "Option".

Two styles of displaying images for options You can choose between these two styles: Display when selected and Display all. Style 1: Display images when selected options With this style, the image is shown only when its custom value is selected.

This feature can be option image in case you want to save the space for your site when no custom value is selected.

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Style 2: Display all images of options For this style, all images for custom options are already shown when you visit the page. This feature empowers you to manifest the custom option, leading a bigger deal as you might want.

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