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µVision User's Guide: Target (Arm Compiler)

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The fields and options displayed in the dialog depend options target the device selected. Not all features described below might be available for your device.

µVision User's Guide: Debug

Device Name The device name is displayed as text in the top left corner. XTAL is used to configure the debugger and Flash programmer. Note that XTAL reflects the main oscillator externally connected to the device.

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Not required for Keil RTX5. Using software packs, this is already pre-filled.

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For details refer to Adding System Viewer Windows. Code Generation Depending on your target, you might not see all of the following options.

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ARM Compiler allows you to select the Arm compiler version for the target. Note that some targets may be supported only with specific compiler versions. The drop-down entries: Use default compiler version: is the default setting for new projects and uses the compiler defined with the dialog Setup Default Arm Compiler Version.

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Compiler version: list of all Arm compiler versions registered with the dialog Manage Arm Compiler Versions. Missing: compiler version identifies Arm compiler versions that could not be found. The Build Output window also informs about the attempt to compile a target using a missing compiler version.

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Select another compiler version for the target, or redefine a default compiler with Setup Default Arm Compiler Versionor remove the compiler version with Manage Arm Compiler Versions. Use Cross-Module Optimization enables the linker feedback file that allows further code optimizations. Cross-Module Optimization is not performed for library targets. Cross-Module Options target will increase the time required to build the project, because multiple compile and link steps are automatically performed to produce the final output image.

Software Model only for Armv8-M devices lets you select the software model of the project: Options Description Non-Secure Mode default Code generated runs in non-secure context.

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Usually, a secure library is required for calling secure functions. Secure Mode Code generated runs in secure context. Accesses options target the outside have to go through the secure gateway SG function. TrustZone disabled Code generated does not use any security settings. Programmer's model is similar to Armv7-M.

Options target CoProcessors [ If a CDE co-processor is selected, then the corresponding compiler and assembler command line switches are set for it.

Definition and Usage

Big Endian defines the method of accessing multi-byte data. Floating Point Hardware only for devices reasons to trade binary options FPU tells the compiler whether floating point operations should be handled via emulating floating point operations, or whether the floating point hardware instructions of the process should be used instead which will make the execution faster.

If the hardware offers only single precision floating point operations, then only double precision operation need emulation.

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  • The dialog Debug defines options that are applied when a debugging session is started.
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If the hardware supports double precision, then the double precision instructions can be generated and executed by the processor giving you the performance benefit for double precision computation. Refer to Floating-point support for details. The options listed in the tables below depend on the device in use and are shown for devices with an implemented FPU.

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