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Forex trading is an OTC over-the-counter market for currencies. This is the market that determines the rates for currencies. Currencies are bought, sold and exchanged at current or determined prices.

Electronic Trading Networks

Not all classes of stock are equal. It serves as a digital medium of exchange where coin ownership is stored in a ledger database. It uses strong cryptography to secure transactions, ownership and creation of additional coins.

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The payout is a fixed amount or nothing. Two main types are asset-or-nothing or cash-or-nothing binary option.

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Binary options are considered high risk or unpredictable forms of investment. The assets traded are usually commodities or financial instruments. The predetermined price is known as forward price. Are online trading platforms safe?

Generally speaking, online trading platforms are safe. Various regulators from different jurisdictions oversee business practices of online brokers and minimize threats.

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Reputable brokers also have their own security measures. As a responsible online trader, you should have your own security precautions.

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How do online brokers work? Online brokers are an intermediary for transactions between a buyer and a seller of a financial instrument. You can buy and sell financial instruments online without the need for a human broker. Online brokers are essentially a computer software that is used to place orders for financial instruments online.

Brokerage account types There are various online brokerage account types available.

11 Best Online Trading Platforms for Day Trading

Brokers offer different accounts ranging from retail to professional trading accounts, cash to margin, demo accounts and more.

Some offer different levels or tiers of accounts such as gold, silver, bronze or VIP. Demo Accounts Demo accounts or practice accounts are a perfect way to start electronic trading platform any trader.

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Most of the demo accounts offer the same functionality as real accounts, but without risking real money. Take advantage of this to get to know the platform and its features.

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Margin Accounts A margin trading account is a type of account where a credit line is given by the broker. Margin accounts have stricter rules and require a minimum investment. One thing to note is the fact that a margin call can be made by the broker.

A margin call happens when a broker demands for the investor to deposit enough money into his account so the account is brought to the minimum value.

Electronic trading platform

This minimum value is known as the maintenance margin. Managed accounts Managed accounts are trading accounts where the trading is done on your behalf.

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The most popular managed accounts are Forex managed accounts. This means tighter spreads. DMA accounts use a specific liquidity provider while ECN accounts trades are placed anonymously through a network.

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Account tiers Different account tiers offer different fees, commissions, executions speeds and trading terms for traders. Usually account tiers are labeled as bronze, silver, gold, VIP or similar.

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Typical online brokers or full-service brokers also focus on research and investment advice. They also execute orders through a predetermined liquidity provider.

Best for beginners The best online broker for beginners is eToro. This makes it a great choice for beginner traders. Best broker for penny electronic trading platform The best brokers for penny stocks are: Tradestation.

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