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Active Oldest Votes 8 Actually, this is explained in the Game Concepts section in Civilopedia, but I can try to do it in fewer words here.

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Your economy in Civilization IV is based on your population in cities. When you look into the city info screen you see white circles, which symbolize the population of the city one circle for one population unit, except the city tile itself, which does not count.

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Here is a screen shot: To support your state cities themselves, like city administrations, support your civics, buildings, troops you need money. You can get money in several ways: convert a part of commerce, which is produced by the population of your civilization, to money.

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This website trading house signal you tried already and still have amount of money for a turn. On the screen shot your can see the "Ivory Bend" mark. This tile produces each turn 0 commerce, 2 food units, and 2 production units.

However, it also makes life in Civilization 6 a great deal easier and a lot more interesting. So, whether you're looking to get rich quick or dig yourself out of a financial hole, take a look at our top tips for getting Civilization 6 gold and making it work for you.

It produces this because it has a population unit working on it white circle and it has two hammers production, like golden circles-coins stand for commerce and two bread slivers stand for food.

The tile right above the marked tile produces 3 commerce for each turn and the rightmost tile in the upper row produces nothing at all because it does not have the white circle.

Also commerce is produced by trade routes foreign and overseas are very fertile ones.

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I think, you've got it. On the screen shot you can see a great merchant who produces 6 units of money per turn.

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For resources, peace treaties you can get or give some amount of money per turn. So as a summary I can say, that you need to produce more commerce, that is put more white circles in your cities to tiles with commerce value. And the question is then: what is the most efficient way to have more tiles with commerce? This is very complex question and it is hard to give a complete answer for it here.

How do you make money in the early game?

There are innumerable ways to achieve this. One of the way and a rather robust one but I think not the most efficient one is to built more cottages you can read about this improvement in the improvements section of Civilopedia.

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My personal favorite way is to choose a financial leader Inca's leader is my favorite one and tend to built coastal cities from the start of a game and try to build the Colossus wonder, which gives you a huge 4 commerce units on coastal tiles at the early stages of the game. Then, when I achieve the Democracy technology, I switch to the How to make money in civilization civic and after that I put my citizens from the coastal tiles to tiles on land, preferably grassland where the cottages are already built.

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And then after 35 turns of work on a cottage I get 9 units of commerce in a cottage tile 4 commerce for a town the last stage of a cottage1 for the financial leader, 1 for the Printing press, 1 for a river tile, 2 for the Free Speech civic. As a side note, not related to the question itself, but related to new players.

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You definitely need to play some time to get accustomed to the game to grasp all its concepts. The idea, is that how to make money in civilization should make some of your cities specialized.

The earlier you can build Settlers safely, the earlier you can expand your civilization and improve the terrain around your cities. Mass building of Settlers in early game play enables you to spread over a large land area very rapidly. In some instances it is possible to colonize an entire continent by BC. It is possible to calculate the build carefully so as not to waste much, if any, food when the Settler builds. For example, if your city is size 2 with food box able to contain 30, and actually containing anything from about 20 to 29 sheavesat the time when "end of turn" will add the 40th resource and produce the settler, the food box will shrink to 20 and any surplus food will be wasted.

One city should be oriented towards research and money, it should be coastal because it produces more commerce from trade and has more health, that is allows more population and its tiles should have more cottages not watermills or workshops and you should try not to built anything except useful buildings in that city. One city should be oriented towards military units production, you should have the Heroic Epic and West Point wonders in it and city's tiles should not have cottages at all, instead only those improvements, which give production: watermills, mines, workshops etc.


And so on. Hope this will help.

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