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Connect with a local agent Not only do these behaviors ruin your agent's day, but they can ultimately work against you, too. Buying a home can be a long and challenging process. Some buyers take years to complete a purchase, and they require a lot of hand-holding and make lots of requests.

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Others are more self-sufficient, and only bring in the agent from time to time. Unjustified lowball offers can be a waste of time for everyone involved. In fact, a lowball offer will likely just help the listing agent get a small price reduction, thus opening the window of opportunity to another buyer.

We may earn commission on some of the items you choose to buy. Listen to these picks when you're in your feelings.

This is counterproductive, particularly if you do it at one home after another and never make an offer. Did the psychic really need to see the property in person to figure that out?

Buyers typically give themselves an opportunity to gauge their own reactions to a property before bringing in friends, family or hired consultants. This is a common part of the buyer evolution process.

earn some money quick popcry

Many buyers set out for X but end up with Y after learning the market and seeing where their dollar goes. Take your time and learn the market.

earn some money quick popcry

The home-buying process is a journey, and a good local agentbrought in at the right time, can add so much value. Be mindful that agents work for free until a buyer or seller closes.

Agents should be leveraged as a huge resource — when the right time comes.

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