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He was known as a heavy hitter for the low-scoring era and was called a "human right this is an option car" in a newspaper report.

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He got the nickname "Big Bertha" when his hard hits were compared to German artillery pieces bearing that name. Inhe was a backup for Philadelphia, where he formed a "kid battery" with young Dick Redding.

Inhe went 1 for 14 for Fe in the Cuban Winter League. He would visit Cuba in three exhibitions later in his career but would only appear in the CWL on one other occasion. Inhe batted. Louis went 3 for 13 in exhibitions against white major leaguers that winter.

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He hit. Santop did his best yet inputting up a. The big Texan slipped to.

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He went 1 for 4 against Pol Perritt in an exhibition game and was 1 for 4 in their other game for which box scores have been found that winter against a white major league hurler. He also briefly played for the Chicago American Giants that year. InSantop hit.

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He was with the Brooklyn Royal Giants. In'Top hit. In a post-season matchup with the Chicago club, he went 8 for 28 with two doubles and a triple.

He was 4 for 12 in a series of exhibitions against Joe Bush. During his exhibitions against white players, he was known for a santop trading throwing demonstration before the game in which he would fire from a crouch to each base without a problem. It was a popular pregame show for the fans. Camp physicians said he had an arm that was "broken and badly twisted" and that he could neither hold a gun nor salute.

Louis was discharged as being "physically unfit.

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Santop's injury could not have been too bad, though, as he continued to play catcher throughout the sumnmer, hitting. Santop's arm was strong enough to throw a ball over the roof in an exhibition against Bush santop trading Joe wanted to use a baseball previously ruled ineligible for play.

That winter, he reported to the Stevedore Regiment in Norfolk, VAapparently healthy enough now to serve.

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In late May ofthe year-old was discharged from the military and hit. He was 6 for 16 in postseason games.

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Santop sat out the next day, when Ruth homered. Santop overall was 7 for 24 in exhibitions against white big-league pitchers that year.

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In the Cuban Winter League, santop trading Texan slugger went 7 for 19 with santop trading doubles and a santop trading for the Bacharach Giants. In the season, Santop hit. He was third among eastern black teams in average and led in home runs 6 or 8 depending on your source as the ball was getting livelier.

Santo Domingo Trading Post--Route A Discover Our Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary

He was a disappointing 5 for 23 in post-season series. Louis led the East in average for a third time in Santop struggled, hitting. Santop still finished 4th in the ECL in home runs 7 and doubles 7 as per Holway. He only went 4 for 17 in an exhibition series against white major leaguers that year. Big Bertha batted. In the first Negro World SeriesSantop went 8 for 24 but was most noted for a poor defensive play in game 8 of the game series.

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He had driven in a key run to make it but in the bottom of the 9th, with the bases loaded and one run in, Frank Duncan popped one up and Santop muffed it. Duncan santop trading singled in two, putting a grounder through the legs of Mackey, the defensive wizard at catcher who was playing third base.

With Mackey getting more and more time behind the plate, the veteran Santop hit only. He went 0 for 2 in the Negro World Series. The next season, the old-timer bounced back with a. Statistics[ edit ] Holway lists Santop with a santop trading. The recent Hall of Fame research has him with a. This was a higher-scoring era, but he was in his 30s and in the decline phase of his career at that time. Post-playing life[ edit ] Santop worked as a broadcaster for WELK in Philadelphia, PAwas involved in local Republican politics and charities after he was no longer a top player.

He also worked as a bartender in Philadelphia.

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In February he slipped and fell on an icy street and suffered a spine injury. He suffered a paralytic stroke in November and was moved to Philadelphia's Naval Hospital in Novemberwhere he died of complications on January santop trading, Personality and anecdotes[ edit ] Santop once broke three of Oscar Charleston 's ribs while giving him a bear hug. The large Texan was known for his willingness to play when hurt and caught one doubleheader with a broken thumb.

He also supposedly once called a home run in Atlantic City, NJ when one fan said he would strike out instead; she bet him a dollar on the arrangement and Louis collected over hitting over the fence he said he would smack the ball over. Negro Leagues Career Statistics[ edit ] Year.

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