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Ways to Save Some Real Money Forget cutting out your daily coffee—here is how you can save a huge amount of money A lot of people encourage others to save by telling them they should cut the simple pleasures out of their lives that brighten up their days. If you want to cut your daily delights like your cup of coffee or your latte, that is up to you.

If this appeals to you, read on.

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Other studies have shown that when people use credit rather than cash, people's spending at vending machines and what they are willing to spend on event tickets doubles! Oh yes, what about the points or cash back?

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If you still want to get your points or cash back, their is a way to still get them and protect yourself from your human tendency to spend more. Here's how to do it: Only pay for fixed expenses with your credit card. Fixed expenses are determined in advance and there is no room to spend more just because you feel like it. Fixed expenses include such things as fuel for a vehicle, a gym membership, subscriptions, insurance, scheduled vehicle maintenance, etc.

While groceries are a fixed expense too, there is so much opportunity here to spend more than you need to, that this one is best taken care of with cash. When you do want to put a one time purchase on credit, give yourself a few days to think about and talk about it with your partner or a friend.


You want to give yourself time to reconsider and seriously take a look at alternatives. By stockpiling groceries, you'll not only be able to purchase more items when they're on sale and save them for later just stick meat and bread in the freezerbut you'll also be able to make use of Leamy's other big idea: Skip shopping trips.

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She says that many people can get by on the food they already have for a week, so why not skip shopping once a month or once a quarter? Stockpile Food If you have room in your pantry and an extra freezer in your basement, you can take advantage of sales and buy in bulk at the reduced price. Then, you can save the extra chicken—or bread or ice cream—for another day. Use Where you can make a large amount of money Coupons By using online coupons from a website such as www.

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She suggests searching www. Price Match Wal-Mart, Target, and other big stores and the occasional mom-and-pop one often match the lowest prices of competitors. Leamy recommends bringing circulars on shopping trips just in case you need proof.

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Since new cars depreciate significantly as soon as you drive them off the lot, buying used is a much better financial choice, she adds, and can save drivers tens of thousands of dollars. Your vehicle may cost less than average, but you can probably see the point here.

Imagine how much you could save if you could get rid of a vehicle and do something else instead? The savings would be huge! Could you move closer to work and walk?

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Could you carpool, car share, or do any combination of these alternatives? Make a Deal Leamy says home buyers and sellers should negotiate with their real estate agent so the agent takes only a 2 percent commission, rather than the traditional 3 percent. Appeal Taxes When home values go down, the assessed property taxes are often higher than they should be.

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In fact, Leamy says that 60 percent of homes are overvalued for property tax purposes, but only 2 percent of homeowners bother appealing those assessments. A successful appeal can save thousands of dollars.

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