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Clover Apps Clover Station Pro is a countertop point-of-sale solution that includes a customer-facing display with PIN entry capability, basic printer, and a cash drawer.

how to make money in clover

Attractive for: Counter service restaurants, retailers, and personal service businesses that want a customer-facing interactive display, robust payment processing, and business management capabilities. Clover Station is a countertop point-of-sale system for more advanced processing needs.

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It features a swiveling touch screen, integrated card reader and camera with options to add a cash drawer, kitchen printer, barcode scanner, contactless PIN pad and more. Attractive for: Restaurants, retailers, and personal service businesses seeking robust payment processing and business management capabilities without the need to move the device from place to place.

Internet connectivity: Use Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Clover Mini replaces bulky terminals with a compact device featuring a built-in receipt printer and integrated PIN pad that frees up valuable counter space while expanding payment and management capabilities.

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The screen easily turns from the cashier to the customer to obtain a signature or PIN. Attractive for: businesses where space is a premium.

how to make money in clover

Clover Mini has many of the features of the Clover Station in a small, compact device. Clover Flex is a portable, hand-held device to give you the flexibility to accept payments anywhere with built-in features including fingerprint login, onscreen signature, printer, camera, PIN pad and QR scanner.

how to make money in clover

Easily hand from cashier to customer to complete a transaction. Attractive for: Mobile businesses, quick service restaurants, retail and other businesses looking for a completely portable payment solution to use in line for line busting, at the table, at the counter or on the go. Clover Go is an easy-to-use card reader that works with your phone or tablet to process card payments.

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It comes with an optional docking stand or belt clip with lanyard so you can take it anywhere you do business. Attractive for: businesses on the go such as food trucks, caterers, florists, home appliance delivery and repair and other mobile or delivery based businesses.


Through the Clover App Market, hundreds of apps are available to help businesses manage sales, employees, and customers. Popular apps include ones for managing inventory and sales, employee scheduling and payroll, customer marketing and loyalty programs — with special apps for restaurant, retail stores and beauty salons.

Explore Your Options Clover POS Systems Clover products - from software to hardware - allow you to take advantage of the latest technology to better understand your business, help it grow, or increase efficiency so you have more time to focus on running your business. Ring up sales, view inventory, track revenue, manage employees, view reports and more - all with the additional flexibility of cloud-based access. Plus, you'll have access to a multitude of applications customized for your business. Manage inventory and returns to streamline your operations Clover Rewards, a free loyalty and rewards program pre-installed on your system Access to valuable analytics with Clover Insights Automatic software updates delivered to your device Protection from fraud with built-in security software Clover Mini A payment processing terminal the size of a tablet that requires minimal counter space.

Easy installation. Install apps right on the home screen of your device.

how to make money in clover

If you have more than one Clover part- time work on the Internet without investment or Clover devices in different locations, how to make money in clover apps once and sync them to all of your devices. How to make money in clover reporting.

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  • For most retail or quick-serve businesses, the Register plan is best, especially considering the lower rate for payment processing.
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Clover apps let you analyze transaction data, identify strengths and challenges, and make smarter decisions. Clover devices require a Clover software plan for an additional monthly fee per device. Clover charges a fee for this software and you will be billed directly from Clover.

how to make money in clover

This fee is subject to change and applies to all devices except Clover Go. Availability of certain software plans, applications or functionality may vary based on your selected Clover equipment, software or industry.

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Clover software, applications and other third party applications that may be available through Clover or in the App Market are subject to the terms and conditions of the developer and may include additional fees subject to change at any time. Those software and App Market application fees are disclosed in the Clover App Market or your Clover dashboard and are in addition to the Wells Fargo Merchant Services fees listed within your Agreement.

You may settle your Merchant Services funds to an account at the financial institution of your preference. When you use a Wells Fargo account for settlement or express option Merchant Services purposes, you must use a Wells Fargo business deposit account.

how to make money in clover

Deposit products offered by Wells Fargo Bank, N. Member FDIC. Merchant Services are not deposit products.

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Wells Fargo Merchant Services L. Apple Wallet is a trademark of Apple Inc. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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