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Are you up for a challenge? There are high-paying jobs in every industry, but they're high-paying for a reason. They're more stressful, dangerous, dirtier or smellier than other job opportunities.

Many of the most dangerous jobs in the world provide compensation well worth the risk, depending on how you view it. These jobs are dangerous because of the hazardous environmental conditions or the risk of violence inherent in the work.

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Oil Well Driller Working on an oil rig presents several dangers. The heavy equipment used on a daily basis is dangerous in itself, but combine that with grueling hours in remote locations, and the risk is magnified.

Freelance alligator wrangler: highly dangerous profession, not very profitable. What if you could capture the thrill of peril, with the security of a cushy pay stub? Some big-money gigs pay well for a reason read: imminent deathand even out there in our diminishing job market, there are lucrative opportunities available for those who aren't afraid to risk their necks to make their nut.

Workers typically find themselves averaging hour shifts hundreds of miles offshore for as much as seven to 14 days at a time. If anything goes wrong, the Coast Guard is the only hope, and its arrival will take some time.

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Commercial Diver Diving for a living isn't like diving in a pool. Commercial divers face risks such as nitrogen narcosis, a condition that causes divers to lose their minds as they descend past feet.

Then there's the bends, or decompression sickness occurring when nitrogen saturates a diver's blood and tissues as he ascends.

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If the diver ascends too quickly, the bubbles increase in size and lodge in arteries and organs, causing extreme pain or even death. Divers are usually male, age 25 to 40, and may be veterans or have held risky positions in the past. Other dangers include creatures of the sea, such as manta rays, sharks and wolf eels.

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Private Security Contractor Private security contractors or PSCs are employed by private corporations to guard personnel, facilities and other properties under a government contract.

Armed PSCs have seen a lot of action since the Iraq War, protecting buildings, escorting convoys with valuable personnel and protecting politicians. The contractors were placed there to protect a building and its surrounding areas.

WhatsApp Although these jobs may sound and seem uncomfortable for most, in reality, there are people who do these jobs and they get paid handsomely at the end.

Transmission Tower Climber Fifteen thousand feet in the air the wind can blow 30 or 40 miles an hour with a windchill of 20 degrees. If you get scared or too comfortable, quick money dangerous job cost can be your life. The work that employs these unorthodox climbers is repairing antennas atop skyscrapers, where climbers lug tool kits weighing as much as 30 pounds on quick money dangerous job dangling line below them.

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Each climb is different, and some parts of skyscrapers may require the climber to free climb, that trading on binary options iq option to climb without any safety precautions. This allows the climber to ascend faster, but a strong gust of wind or misplaced foot could prove disastrous. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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In, people were employed in the U.

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