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Quick Note on User Interfaces Tutorial 5. In this video, I just want to quickly address the user interface changes and screenshots that you'll see within the videos as you watch and learn how to manage pay-per-click accounts.

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I've got two that are green and gray, I have a different one that's red and gray. The overall layout is the same, just the color has changed slightly. Now when you drill all the way down to a specific feature, the purpose and function of the feature is the same within all the interfaces.

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But there might just be slight wording differences. So we update the videos when features change, new features are added or features are removed.

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We don't update the videos to include every single word change, as the wording changes really often within the interface. So, as you watch the videos, focus first first on the information and the concepts that you're learning.

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If the screenshots don't match what you see in your account, it's usually due to a cosmetic change by the search engine, and not a feature change. But the overall concept is still correct.

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Therefore, if you understand the concepts and information, you're able to work with the search engines long after you training course options lesson 5 videos, because they're going to keep changing words and interfaces. So if you understand the concepts and not focus on each individual word or description within the interface you'll be able to understand what those features are doing and how you're managing your account, regardless of the way it's worded or portrayed within the search engine.

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