Decisions how to make money

decisions how to make money

What do you value most in life? Do your actions each day line up with what you say matters most to you?

Final Thoughts Step 1: Take Responsibility Before you can turn your financial life around, and start making better financial decisions, you first need to take responsibility for your financial situation. You are the only person that can turn your financial life around.

Do you spend your time and money in ways that support your values? Whether you realize it or not, your bank and credit card statements tell a lot about what you prioritize.

Behavioral expert: 3 mental roadblocks that are stopping you from making hard financial decisions

Frick Your money decisions are a reflection of your values. It can come from others — such as friends, family, neighbors, or society in general.

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There will be a sense of unease and discomfort. This could feel like discontent, guilt, stress, unhappiness, depression, or frustration.

Think Like a Financial Advisor

It will manifest in ways that make some things in your life feel like a burden. You may try to escape or avoid these things to make yourself feel better. Not your own.

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When you do the work to identify your values, you can start living your life. You will also feel less stress, more motivation, and be happier and more content.

How to Make Better Money Decisions

You'll spend your time and your money in ways that feel right for you. Your values will help you plan your financial future. They will determine your money goals and help you write your financial mission statement. And they will guide your daily actions to help you reach those goals.

How To Make Better Financial Decisions (5 Simple Steps)

Questions to ask yourself write down the answers! Why are these things valuable to you?

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How can you make them a priority? There are many values exercises available to guide you and help you dive deeper. Below is a brief values exercise to start with based on a values exercise from TapRoot.

How to Make Money Decisions When the Future Is Uncertain

Look at a list of values and write down all the values that resonate most with you. Group your list of values into five groups of similar values.

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Pick one value out of each group that most speaks decisions how to make money you, the one that encompasses the overall feeling in each group of values. Once you have narrowed down your five core values, write them down. Add a verb to the beginning to make them feel more actionable.

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Take it a step further and look at the values that you are actually living. Look at your calendar and your money more on that below. Are you living in a way that reflects your core values?

Are you making the most important things a priority?

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Pull out your bank statements, credit card statements, and bills. Examine your spending, your savings, your debt, and your net worth. Money is only a tool.

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It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver. Consider your money decisions and core personal values.

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How do your value statements line up with your money decisions? Do you spend in ways that you feel are important?

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