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Frequently asked questions Can Saxo integrate with third-party charting and analysis packages? Visit the Developer Portal to find out more about software integration.

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Does Saxo offer algorithmic equity trading? Yes, a range of algorithmic orders are available on equities and share CFDs our platforms. We support major US, European and Asian markets, and algo-orders are fully integrated into the trade ticket.

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Download guide How does Saxo protect my funds? We hold over USD 16 billion client assets under management and process more than 1 million client transactions every day.

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We adhere VIP options the strictest regulatory requirements in 15 jurisdictions and are regulated by the FSA and members of the Danish Guarantee Fund. Do you offer investment solutions? With our SaxoSelect trading strategies, we provide a range of managed portfolios.

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You can start or stop investing at your discretion, gain exposure to asset classes and diversify your portfolio. Our global sales teams and top-tier strategists, the SaxoStrats, can help VIP options you in building an investment solution, but as we are an execution-only broker, they cannot offer advice.

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Can I contact you any time? As a VIP, you will have direct support available whenever markets are open.

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Can an appointed representative trade on my behalf? Providing we have your approval, your investment manager — or any appointed representative — may deal with us directly.

From backstage passes to restricted areas, and from drink packages to exclusive goody bags, you can add value to your event — and increase the price of your tickets — by including a few VIP options. What is a VIP event?

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