Strengthening of options

strengthening of options

In his first speech to the How to make money without investing anything. It will also isolate the United States, which will be seen as not keeping its word on the global stage.


Congress could reimpose by a simple majority vote nuclear-related U. Advocates of this move argue that it would increase U. President Trump claims he will be able to wring new and more stringent concessions from Iran in new talks.

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  • Read this report in your web browser Scribd The United States has multiple options to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, and it is essential that the American people participate in a full debate with complete confidence that the most difficult questions are being addressed by their leaders.

He would invite more global instability in a Middle East region already ravaged by civil war and terrorism and create a second nuclear crisis at the same time the United States faces a potential conflict with a nuclear-armed North Korea.

The deal represents the best available path to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, and it should be sustained as part of an assertive U. Moreover, without the inspections called for in the deal, Iran will find it easier to establish secret facilities and programs. In short, U.

Joseph Dunford, Vice Chairman Gen. Paul Selva, and U.

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Strategic Command head Gen. John Hyten, 9 Iran will have a strong incentive to blame the United States for the disintegration of the agreement.

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Tehran would then be free to pursue a nuclear program without the JCPOA-imposed restrictions, effectively accelerating its nuclear program by more than a decade. Iran would also be able to present itself as the wronged party, making a compelling case that it was abiding by the terms of the JCPOA before the United States reneged on its own commitments, making its own exit from the deal seem legitimate.

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Instead, President Trump appears dead set on isolating the United States by reneging on an agreement critical to global security. It remains unclear why these governments would reopen negotiations on what they consider to be closed matter, much less why they would support a harder American line in new talks.

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Iran will want more concessions, and the Trump administration has strengthening of options poor track record of negotiating and getting results—even with its own party controlling Congress. Moreover, the Trump administration has a poor track record in complex negotiations concerning important policy issues over the course of its first eight months in office. Extending the restrictions of the Iran deal would be an important contribution.

But what would Trump offer in return? In fact, there are many reasons to worry that the outcome will be a broken agreement, unnecessarily heightening the risk of military conflict or nuclear breakout.


It will make the North Korea crisis even more difficult to solve. Whatever slim prospects exist today for a diplomatic resolution of the North Korea question will evaporate should President Trump provide concrete proof that the United States cannot be trusted to honor its agreements.

Making matters worse, an inexperienced president, a chaotic White House, an understaffed State Department, and a military already stretched thin by conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, as well as a strengthening of options with North Korea, will face a second, self-inflicted nuclear crisis. It will divert attention and resources away from the fight with the Islamic State.

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Trump will shift focus and attention toward a manufactured crisis and away from maintaining pressure on IS. This will jeopardize the hard-earned battlefield success of the past two-plus years in Iraq and Syria by providing IS and the rest of the Salafi-jihadi movement with the time and space to reconstitute. In doing so, Trump risks repeating the mistakes of the past strengthening of options President George W. Bush chose to invade Iraq before finishing the job in Afghanistan.

A new federal effort to strengthen and coordinate nutrition research could rapidly generate the evidence base needed to address these multiple national challenges.

Iran and its proxies will become harder to push back regionally. But by reopening the nuclear talks, the Trump administration will divert American and regional attention onto an issue that had been settled. Sanctions will lose effectiveness and credibility as a U.

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Target countries would be justified in thinking that, even if they change their behavior, they will not see relief from U. Even conservative foreign policy leaders such as Rep. Strengthening implementation of the deal Provide additional resources to intelligence agencies and international institutions responsible for verifying Iranian compliance with the deal.

Verification of the deal should be a critical task for the intelligence community—if it is not already.

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Americans and the world need to trust the outcome should Iran actually violate the deal. Strengthen intelligence cooperation with key allies and partners to prepare for the expiration of the JCPOA. The U.

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One option would be to establish a bilateral or multilateral task force, not only to bolster cooperation now, but to prepare for the day the JCPOA expires.

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