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We invest in investment platform icebreaker, create new, and scale up existing startups Investment company Icebreaker Capital.

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We invest in innovation, create new, and scale up existing projects. Venture capital investments.

Scaling up startups to the markets of Europe, the USA, Asia through an extensive network of local partners. Market and target audience analysis.

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Check problems through user surveys. Business scaling to the European and Asian markets. The attraction of investments: pre-seed, seed, Series A. For Investors 1.

Reducing the cost of investing in a startup. Simple and straightforward investment scheme, in accordance with British Law.

Reducing risks through MVP and early adopters. Diversification of risks by investing in a portfolio.

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Tax optimization for the LP. Scaling 1.

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Analysis of the market and competitors. Localization of the language.

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Connection to a payment gateway. Adaptation of the product to legal requirements. Building the Inbound Sales Marketing Engine 5.

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Finance and Ventures 1. We can help you with business planning, pitching, and access to the right investors.

The choice of the optimal form of the company and jurisdiction. Preparation of an investment contract for financing venture capital. Creating and maintaining accounting systems and processes.

How we work We receive many submissions and evaluate companies along the following criteria: Team Market Product The presence of key competencies in the team.

How we work

Creating MVP. The ability to attract superstars. Successful experience before Market size. Investment platform icebreaker presence of a leader.

Our vision is a world where people feel deeply connected to the communities that matter most to them, where loneliness and hostility decline, and where cooperation and understanding are the norm. We believe in creating a truly happy place to work and setting the bar for remote culture. Our founders — a social-change technologist, an activist turned entrepreneur, and a community organizer — are leaders with a track record of success from Change.

Market segmentation. Who are the competitors Having a problem. What is the innovation. Live conferencing, payment-processing, and student management brought together in one place.

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Worklab Space 1st Co-growing Platform. Business center, Class B, for workplaces, for IT companies and independent professionals.

You have access to 70 ready-made offices sites of work on the Internet without attachments teams of any configuration, coworking for workplaces, 12 meeting rooms, six lounge areas, a conference hall with seats, as well as: a delicious cafe, storage boxes, individual parking spaces and much more.

Our team has more than 10 full-time employees, including a designer and product manager. We provide full-cycle services, starting with writing technical specifications and ending with the final training on working with the product. Official exporter of Korean innovative technologies, ranging from valves, compressors, and steel pipes; leading producers that supply to worldwide markets with Samsung, Daewoo, Doosan, and Hyundai.

Our main goal is to create a product that provides effective protection against attacks and other dangers on the Internet. Cloud IoT Platform, with integration with z-wave controllers, as well as providing the ability to create scripts to control a smart home.

Alexander Velikiy.

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