Investment with interest on the Internet

The Internet as an Investment Tool

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From what amount can I start? Investing You can set up an investment product with as little as PLN Saving You can deposit even the smallest amount in a savings account. When can I use the money?

The Web can help do this cheaply, accurately, at any time of day and without consulting a stockbroker.

Investing Usually has a long-term purpose so that the invested money can bring appropriate results. Saving You can withdraw the money at any time retaining the deposited principal.

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Can I feel safe? Investment products involve risk; however you can tailor it by choosing the right products. Saving You have certainty that you will get the entire deposited amount.

Risk vs.

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Saving No risk means safety, but also puts a limit on the rate of return. How to build your capital? Investing If you already have a safe financial cushion you can think of investment products to give the rest of your savings the opportunity to grow even more.

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Saving Allows building a safe financial cushion to give you a sense of financial comfort in the future. Try to set aside at least three times your monthly spending.

Deposit and withdraw money as you need, without losing interest.

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