How to make a lot of money in tom cat.

how to make a lot of money in tom cat

Tamagotchi games have come a long way since those bulky bits of nagging plastic that were so popular in the 90s. Mobile phone virtual pets are the new craze, and My Talking Tom is not just one of the best, it's also a game that kids in particular will absolutely love.

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Here's the complete lowdown on how the game works, and what you need to know about keeping your kitty happy. How does binary options earning schemes mouse-catching game work in My Talking Tom?

There are a few handy tips we can give you to make sure you clean up in the mouse-catching mini-game.

First of all, you don't have to worry about timing much at all. Just keep spamming finger taps on the busiest lane, and you'll bag all the mice with ease.

To get hold of the coins, just keep tapping on the lane and they'll eventually move up towards kitty. Once they're nearby, another tap will bag you the cash.

How to Earn Coins in My Talking Tom

How can I get more free coins in My Talking Tom? As well as participating in coin-earning activities, you can also take part in a few promotional offers to get your hands on some free coins.

The biggest, easiest injection of cash you can get is to enable Push Notifications under the Free Coins option in the cash store. That's coins for nothing, although note you'll get reminders whenever your cat requires attention. Playing other games, and watching videos rewards less coins, but both options are in the same area of the cash store if you're really strapped. How can I get more food in My Talking Tom?

  • You can even listen to it talk back to you.
  • My Talking Tom: How to get more coins and experience points | WP Mobile Game Guides
  • But apart from that this game is the best!
  • Mobile tutorial My Talking Tom is a mobile app where you have a cat named Tom.

Instead, keep a close eye on hunger levels from time to time, and top up as needed. That's saving food, then, but how do you get your hands on more delicious treats?

My Talking Tom Cheats And Tips

Go the kitchen, and then how to make a lot of money in tom cat anywhere on the screen that's not your cat. Different foods, potions, and treats have a different impact on your cat's hunger levels, so pay attention to what bonuses are available to help you solve a problem you might be having.

Note that you won't be able to access certain foods until you've leveled up your cat. How do I play with my cat in My Talking Tom? Your cat doesn't just need food and shelter, it wants your attention constantly too - just like the real thing.

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How do I change my cat's name in My Talking Tom? Sadly, you can't change your cat's name once you've selected one at the start of the game, so make absolutely sure you're happy with the once you've chosen. How do I send my cat to sleep in My Talking Tom?

My Talking Tom - Top Tips to Get Coins and Rewards (Gameplay)

After all that eating and playing, you cat needs plenty of rest. Here's a tip to make this boring task pass more quickly. Anytime you go off to do something other than play the game, head to the bed section and bag some shut-eye while you're absent.

My Talking Tom: How to get more coins and experience points

You must make sure you turn the light switch off by tapping on the lampshade though - if you don't, your cat won't go to sleep. How do I redecorate my kitchen in My Talking Tom? To give your kitchen a new makeover, tap on the shopping trolley icon, and then tap on the word Kitchen.

From here you can change the wallpaper, blinds, refrigerator type and tablecloth.

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These are only cosmetic changes, so you might want to spend your hard-earned coins elsewhere at first. Certain items only become available when you've reached a certain level, so keep checking back to see what you can switch around. What new outfits are available in My Talking Tom?

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You can give your cat a hat reallyglasses again As with most other upgrades, you can only buy certain options when you've reached the appropriate level.

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