Bitcoin run

The bitcoin & crypto bull run is just getting started!

The fact Bitcoin did not make a new all time high on retail exchanges and only on institutional trading platforms like CME points to who is really driving this bull run and why the Bitcoin bull run in my opinion is just getting going.

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This week we have had record institutional volume coming from institutions as CME surpassed OKEX as the largest crypto derivatives platform. So all of this begs the question, what comes next?

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Well as a Cryptocurrency Trader and market analyst, from my perspective Bitcoin is far from done with its almighty rise yet. In fact I believe that we are just at the start of this bull run. This week Bitcoin made the significant move of breaking the high set last week and thus continuing the bullish trend.

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Since this point as the volatility has reduced and the price has consolidated to the upside. Going forward into the weekend Bitcoin will more than likely continue this consolidation period causing attentions to fade on bitcoin as institutions take the weekend off.

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Much of the attention will more than likely divert back to the Altcoin space that has consistently bitcoin run weekend recently experienced huge price increases on most altcoins.

I trade Altcoins just as frequently as I trade Bitcoin because due to the increased volatility they experience I find just holding Altcoins in a bull market to be preferable to holding any stablecoin alternative.

Bitcoin Forks What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency created in January following the housing market crash. It follows the ideas set out in a whitepaper by the mysterious and pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto.

With the launch of Ethereum 2. The updated protocol will bitcoin run a delayed price effect as applications like coinbase safely install the staking functionality within their app.

Costs And Warnings

This will allow holders of 32 Ethereum or more to stake in a coinbase wallet and earn passive income on their holdings. You can stake without going via a centralised exchange like coinbase but most users of cryptocurrency generally avoid anything complex such as depositing into the Ethereum deposit contract for fear of losing funds.

There are currently bitcoin run, Ethereum in the Ethereum deposit contract proving that people are adopting ETH 2.

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When staking ethereum becomes more accessible to the every day cryptocurrency holder, this is when I expect the price of ethereum to go crazy, much like the price of bitcoin started to go crazy when institutional demand began to outpace supply on a grand scale. We are simply waiting for the balance to tip and the olympic trade binary options reviews tokenomics model to kick in, when the number of bitcoin run ethereum rises, the volatility on the markets will increase due to a reduced amount of liquidity making small buy orders more powerful and thus the balance will tip in favour of demand outpacing supply due to the passive income that can be earned from staking.

So going forward into the next week, what do I expect to happen?

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After Bitcoin completes its daily close today I expect a fairly slow weekend followed by a bullish breakout next week by all cryptocurrencies. Buying power is far larger than selling pressure at the moment, Grayscale added over 7, Bitcoin to their trust just this week. In the Crypto Space since he has vast experience in both Cryptocurrency bull and bear markets having experienced nearly every single one in the history of Bitcoin!

CoinDesk also learned that Standard Chartered is working with five or six of the largest trading desks and exchanges in crypto, including LMAX and ErisX, for a post-trade and settlement system which is also slated to go live early next year.

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