Beggar s earnings on the Internet

Next to him is a brown cardboard sign with the beggar s earnings on the Internet 'homeless' scrawled across it and he calls out: "Can you spare some change, please?

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Nottingham City Council believed it had the answer. But its series of hard-hitting posters telling the public not banar options hand over their cash to beggars have since been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority.

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The ASA said the posters, which claimed money given to beggars would be used on drugs, alcohol and fraud, reinforced "negative stereotypes" and were likely to cause offence. New figures released on Wednesday showed homelessness in England has risen to its highest level for nearly 10 years.

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With more people suffering from homelessness, the general public may feel they wish to give cash to those sleeping rough. Communications manager Mike Nicholas said: "Most people begging are not individuals in temporary difficulties, but people who are dependent on a begging income.

History[ edit ] Beggars have existed in human society since before the dawn of recorded history. Street begging has happened in most societies around the world, though its prevalence and exact form vary. A beggar in UppsalaSweden. June The penes was somebody with a job, only not enough to make a living, while the ptochos depended on others entirely.

There is no need to beg on the streets in It can have fatal consequences. He now has his own flat and is clean from drugs after receiving help from Thames Reach.

He said: "To be quite honest I thought I'd die on the street.

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I lived from hand-to-mouth, day-to-day. My health, my hygiene had totally gone. I used day-to-day and I used to keep my survival. My survival out there, my coping mechanism was drink and drugs and it took me to a place I didn't expect to go.

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It said those who beg were often struggling with "extreme poverty" but the decision on whether to hand over money was a "personal" choice.

A charity spokesman said: "Whether or not people give money to beggars is a personal decision, but we know from our own clients how important a simple act of kindness can be to those in desperate circumstances.

Nevertheless, people who do beg are often some of the most vulnerable in our society, and many will be struggling with extreme poverty. They say making a donation to a homeless charity, engaging rough sleepers in conversation or volunteering time are other ways of providing support. Homeless charities also suggest contacting a local referral or outreach service if there are concerns about any rough sleeper.

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