Birds make money

birds make money

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This site is called Silver Coin, and after purchasing the desired bird, the price of which is birds make money based on its ability to lay eggs, you can sell the eggs of those birds and receive Silver Coin, and then in Finally, to get your income, convert Silver Quinn into rubles and withdraw.

But to get more Silver Quinn from you, the site has a section called the Daily Reward or Reward, where you can get between 10 and Silver Quinn each day, depending on your luck.

You are allowed to receive the prize once a day, in other words, there must be a 24 hour interval between each click you receive to receive the daily reward, and you can request a reward again after this period.

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All of these steps and explanations are intended to help you buy birds for free and through the capital you earn from the site, and make money from selling their eggs. If someone wants to invest in this site and buy Silver Quinn by depositing money to buy a bird, it is their full responsibility.

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We offer you to earn money from this site for free, although you earn slower, but in this case there are no problems such as loss of capital.

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