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Bargaining Power of Buyers: Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
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Home sellers are making huge profits. So why aren't more people selling?

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So why aren't more homeowners doing it? But selling a home in this market is the easy part. Finding a home to move into? Not so much.

What Are the Goals?

A dismally low supply of homes on the market has made house hunting difficult in many cities. The lack of available homes has driven up prices, leading to bidding wars and homes selling for well above asking prices. While that's good news for sellers, it's bad news when they become buyers. Related: Is the year to buyer s profit a house?

When analyzing the bargaining power of buyers, conduct the industry analysis from the perspective of the seller.

Seattle is also a booming market for real estate sales. The sale closed in seven weeks. They recently lost a bidding war, but Rendahl is hopeful that more inventory will hit the market soon.

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  • But eventually the time comes to sell this profitable property.
  • Elizabeth Weintraub Updated May 03, The first question on most sellers' minds when they put their homes on the market is how much they'll net in sale profits.
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Her goal is to find and move into a place by the end of the summer. Owners are staying in their homes for a little more than eight years, on average. Fromthe average tenure was four years.

A major contract that spans several years 2. Timing of the Sale Prepare for the sale as early as possible, preferably a year or two ahead of time.

And new homes just aren't being built fast enough to keep buyer s profit with demand. Only around one million new homes are currently hitting the market -- that's well below the historic norm of 1.

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Not having a home to move into means more people are staying put, and that has ripple effects throughout the housing market. Historically, buyers in starter homes tend to trade up after a few years to a bigger house -- frequently after starting a family.

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But if they can't find a home to move into, they will stay in the starter home longer. The lack of buyers trading up makes it particularly tough for first-time buyers to break into the market. If builders built more homes, homeowners might move up, but because homeowners aren't moving up, the builders aren't seeing as much demand for new homes," said Blomquist.

Buyers may also be facing higher borrowing costs this year since interest rates are expected to rise. The average rate on a year fixed mortgage has been below 4. Higher mortgage rates could also keep homeowners in their homes longer if they purchased when rates were at historic lows.

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