What is the output binary,

what is the output binary

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Binary Output The default output format is sequential unformatted binary output. The binary format is the native format of the machine.

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The variables are written in the following manner: The time steps are written out in ascending order. At each time step, the entire spatial grid for each variable is output to the file.

Each spatial grid is written out in conventional FORTRAN array format with the first index written out in ascending order, then the second index, and so on. Thus, the array for zonal wind baroclinic mode is written out in the following order: Note that for the meridionally staggered variables that are dimensioned in the y-direction from 0:ny, the southern boundary i,0 is not output.

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This is because the value at the southern boundary is set to zero in the model. When meridionally staggered variables are output, QTCM1 simply writes the array.

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Grid interpretation is written for the location of the T grid points. QTCM1 does not interpolate staggered variables to the T grid points i,j.

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The plotting routines described in section 1. Some of these meridionally staggered variables include u1, v1, u0, and v0.

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The order of variable output is that given in the generated control file. Table 2.

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