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These options will have a delta of less than An OTM call option will have a strike price that is higher than the market price of the underlying asset. Alternatively, an OTM put option has a strike price that is lower than the market price of the underlying asset.

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Key Takeaways Out of the money is also known as OTM, meaning an option has no intrinsic value, only extrinsic value. A call option is OTM if the underlying price is below the strike price. A put option is OTM if the underlying's price is above the strike price.

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An option can also be in the money or at the money. This agreed-upon price is referred to as the strike price, and the agreed-upon date is known as the expiration date.

  • In-the-money In-the-money A put option that has a strike price higher than the underlying security price, or a call option with a strike price lower than the underlying security price.
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  • In The Money (ITM) Definition

An option to buy an underlying asset is a call option, while an option to sell an underlying asset is called a put option. An ATM option is one in which the strike price and price of the underlying are equal.

Out-of-the-Money Options You can tell if an option is OTM by determining what the current price of the underlying is in relation to the strike price of that option. For a call option, if the underlying price the expression option with money means that below the strike price, that option is OTM.

For a put option, if the underlying price is above the strike price, then that option is OTM.

ITM thus indicates that an option has value in a strike price that is favorable in comparison to the prevailing market price of the underlying asset: An in-the-money call option means the option holder has the opportunity to buy the security below its current market price.

An out of the money option has no intrinsic valuebut only possesses extrinsic or time value. Being out of the money doesn't mean a trader can't make a profit on that option.

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Each option has a cost, called the premium. A trader could have bought a far out of the money option, but now that option is moving closer to being in the money ITM.

A fool and his money are soon parted If someone acts foolishly or unwisely with their finances, then they will soon lose their money. This phrase is best used to describe gamblers and risk-takers with bad luck. A light purse is a heavy curse For those without a lot of money those in povertylife is incredibly difficult. To have a light purse means to have a wallet that is lacking in coins and bills.

That option could end up being worth more than the trader paid for the option, even though it is currently out of the money.

At expiration, though, an option is worthless if it is OTM.

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Therefore, if an option is OTM, the trader will need to sell it prior to expiration in order to recoup any extrinsic value that is possibly remaining. OTM options are not worth exercising, because the current market is offering a trade level more appealing than the option's strike price.

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This gives them the right to buy shares of the stock before the option expires. While this option is OTM, it isn't worthless yet, as there's still potential to make a profit by selling the option rather than exercising. Prior to expiration, that option will still have some extrinsic value, which is reflected in the premium or cost of the option. Therefore, the trader could still reap a profit on the OTM option itself by selling it at a higher premium than they paid for it.

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In this case, our trader ends up with a net profit or benefit. In this case, the option is still ITM, but the trader actually lost money. Compare Accounts.

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