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If you choose to use a checkbox then the user could accept the default value without making a choice. With the radio buttons you can pop up text saying "Please choose A or B".

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This is very common with "[ ] I agree to terms and conditions", where you cannot continue without it. Your scenario is where the user must answer in the affirmative. That's not really a binary choice. That's a single forced acknowledgement.

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A binary choice is where the user can choose either True OR False. If you use a checkbox that defaults to False then you're not sure if the user is choosing false or if they just clicked past the choice. If you have a real binary choice where you want the user to choose one or the other, you need a radio button with no default selection because now you have 3 positions.

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True, False, or no answer. Like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access.

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It has the analogy of a light switch. The radio button is used in a group of several other radio buttons where only one at a time can be selected.

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When selecting one, all other are deselected. The tick box or check box can be used in groups of several other tick boxes, but have no dependency with others.

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Checked binary options buttons true, un-checked represent false.

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