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The oldest of 12 subsidiaries of Kalenborn International, Abresist Ooo rotex trading. Abresist currently employs 48 people and is located 40 miles west of Fort Wayne, Indiana, with sales offices throughout the U. Headquarters for Kalenborn International will remain in Vettelschoss, Germany. KG was ooo rotex trading to continue business activities under this name as a subsidiary of Kalenborn International.

For more information, visit www. For almost 30 years Lorenz has been supplying quality couplings, elbows, fittings, diverter valves, and gates for the conveying industry. A groundbreaking ceremony for this investment was held on November Evonik Rexim Nanning Pharmaceutical Co. InEvonik Rexim became one of the wholly owned subsidiary companies of Evonik Industries. The company now has about employees.

Its main products are cGMP current Good Manufacturing Practices controlled pharmaceutical amino acids for the domestic and for export markets. Evonik Degussa has been chosen as a supplier under a long-term contract because it has custom manufacturing assets in Europe and in China. This gives the customers a unique combination of a competitive cost position, an excellent track record in audits by Western and Chinese health authorities, and IP protection systems.

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The new plant is scheduled to be put into operations during the fourth quarter. With this investment Evonik Rexim will be able to provide approximately new working opportunities for the local economy development in Nanning.

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Evonik Industries is the creative industrial group from Germany that operates in three business areas: chemicals, energy, and real estate. Evonik is a global leader in specialty chemicals, an expert in power generation from hard coal and renewable energies, and one of the largest private residential real estate companies in Germany.

Evonik is active in more than countries around the world. The award is presented annually to a single Kansas company that has demonstrated excellence in export sales and international marketing. The award recognizes Vortex as a company committed to expanding sales in international markets and showcases it as a role model to other Kansas companies seeking similar success.

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Vortex supplies material-handling valves to a global network of original equipment ooo rotex trading, Fortune companies, and process engineering firms. Its valves are used in the production of a range of products, from Pringles potato chips to the solid rocket fuel used in NASA space shuttles. The deal closed November 20,with the exception of operations in countries subject to anti-trust approval.

The buyers of the fleet assets are various Atlas Copco companies in Europe. The seller, U. Labelmaster Partners with Instructional Technologies to Launch Online Hazmat Training Program Nov 21, Labelmaster, a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of hazardous materials and regulatory compliance products, has teamed up with Instructional Technologies of Vancouver, Washington, to launch an online hazmat training program in the U.

Highly experienced in compliance issues relating to shipping hazardous materials, Labelmaster has completed beta testing the program. The product will be marketed and sold under the name Online Transportation Training. The material is highly visual and contains practical exercises and a review of the company security plan.

The program not only meets the federal requirements but trains the driver as well. Several of the fleet safety and hazmat professionals who reviewed the lessons gave them glowing reviews, one saying it was the finest hazmat training he had ever seen. Labelmaster, established inis a developer, manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of hazardous materials compliance products, including labels, forms, packaging, software, and publications.

For additional information, visit www. The unit enables mesh screens to be changed quickly, safely, and easily by a single operator without the need for manual lifting or additional tools. This improves plant productivity while reducing downtime ooo rotex trading labor costs at every screen change, inspection, or cleaning. This highly flexible unit can be used with most round separators with a 48—in. It lifts up to four sieve, screener, or separator decks at once, with or without find quick money devices.

It also allows the bottom screen to be changed without disassembling the decks above it. Russell Finex Inc. The sifter removes oversized impurities from the product. When placed in a pneumatic unloading or transfer system, the units eliminate the need for equipment such as cyclone receivers, airlocks, receiving hoppers, and blowers that would be required if a standard atmospheric pressure sifter were utilized.

The motion is generated by a motor with a double-extended shaft, which is fitted at both ends with eccentric weights. The whole drive assembly is mounted on a circular base by rugged springs, which allows the unit to vibrate freely, and at the same time prevents transmitted vibration from reaching the floor area where the machine stands. Screens can be mounted one on top of the other within ooo rotex trading screening assembly. The fully cantilevered shaft eliminates the oversize end-bearings and seals, allowing for tool-free maintenance.


This easy-clean design provides high standards in hygiene and ease of operation, resulting in maximum output and uptime. The sifter provides excellent size reduction for a variety of applications including classification, de-agglomeration, bulk conditioning, scalping, in-line sifting, policing raw material, de-dusting, de-watering, and reclaiming damaged product.

It is compact, dust-tight, vibration-free, and virtually silent. With the rising price of flour, this is a good way to cut costs. The all-stainless-steel construction and waterproof motor make cleaning simple. A custom rubber-coated nylon output dust-chute allows quick changes between collection containers.

American Fabric Filter Co. The in.

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Interior surfaces are clad with PTFE and screens constructed of nylon, which eliminates metal contact as required for the most metal contamination-sensitive bulk materials. Gap-free screen frames, quick-release U-clamps, radius corners, a domed lid, an air-lift device to raise the frames, and continuous ground and polished welds allow rapid, thorough cleaning. Kason Corp. Material is fed into the sifter chamber by means of a feeder screw, where it is then whirled by paddles. Hundreds of screen sizes are available in various materials to optimize separation of oversize product or fines from the process stream.

National Innovation Center Corporation is located in russian federation, we are the shims, spacers, washers wholesaler. Telephone Address,Moscow,Perovsky street,ap. TelephoneAddress12A Cheluskintsev, Kursk, Kursk region, Russian Federation We are professional ball bearing manufacturer with an experience of 20 years.

Screens are totally removable for fast change-out and cleaning. The sifter can be used for scalping, classification, de-dusting, de-watering, and de-agglomerating applications. Howes Inc. The Apex screener comes standard with features like gyratory-reciprocating motion, positive screen cleaning, bouncing balls to reduce blinding, and inlet and outlet connections.

It is enhanced with side-access doors to enable efficient screen cleaning and changes. The ooo rotex trading design of the unit enables it to be maintained by just one person, as ooo rotex trading operator-lifted components weigh less than 40 lb. The screens weigh only 5 lb, which enable screen maintenance by only one person.

Top-cover inspection ports allow for easy seal inspection from ooo rotex trading the machine. Discharge outlets on the tail-end of the machine are also easily accessible for inspection. Using factory-programmed or customer-selected settings, the unit monitors pressure differential across the filters to ensure more efficient ooo rotex trading cleaning, reducing compressed air energy usage, and extending filter life.

It is easily operated thanks to clear, permanent instructions posted on the NEMA 4X water- and chemical-proof box. A pulse-cleaning switch on the front of the box allows the user to turn pulsing off, to pulse continuously based on predetermined settings, or to clean on demand when the high pressure setting is reached and a dirty filter alarm sounds.

These systems are used in a wide variety of applications to streamline production operations. What is 1 pip in binary options and maintenance schedules can be configured on one server that logs and reports real-time and historical production data, downtime data, production trends, and maintenance.

Reports can be detailed as required. Metso Minerals Industries Inc. It is possible to record bulk solids dynamically both inline and online without adverse effects on accuracy due to fluctuating material characteristics. This friction-free measuring principle works without any mechanical moving parts and is low-maintenance.

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Dust-tight housing guarantees the flow even if the system is switched off. As a result, grinding effects do not arise. By fully automating the entire sieve analysis process, the unit frees up technicians to perform other work.

The system provides analysis on a more frequent and timely basis, allowing for closer control of raw-material receipts, materials in process, and finished product.

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Using standard ASTM-approved 8-in. The standard round test sieves can easily be inserted and changed to suit specific test requirements. Moisture present in a drying process will not affect operation, nor will the buildup of wet powders. Outputs include mA, Modbus, and Ethernet. FilterSense, Beverly, MA www.

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Utilizing microwave resonance technology, moisture content data can be automated, or immediate feedback can be realized by manual process control. This unit gives the user continuous, automatic, and accurate feedback of moisture content online. The analyzer is particularly suited for food, chemical, or pharmaceutical products, along with animal feed or other materials where the moisture or water content frequently determines the price and quality of raw materials and final products.

Consider to repair the things listed below on

The PMD not only saves valuable energy, it also increases process safety. Sartorius Mechatronics Corp. The 1-in. Users can simultaneously view up to three scales ooo rotex trading total weight using the optional dual-scale input board. No special software is needed. The indicator also features piece counting, check-weighing, batching, and ID fields. Cardinal Scale Mfg.

The compact size and single-button operation allow users to take quick and accurate temperature readings. Dwyer Instruments Inc. Software is provided. Each transmitter is available with two logic inputs and outputs in order to synchronize all functions with the automated system. PTC Electronics Inc.

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The redesigned package offers flip-top convenience and beefed-up data-compliance options. The sample drawer in previous models is gone, replaced by a flip-top sample chamber how to make a lot of money for a student in makes ooo rotex trading sensor easy to see and keep clean.

Previous options like internal temperature control and volatiles capability are still available, and the volatiles sensor has now been completely integrated so users can measure either normal or volatile samples without changing the sensor head. This new model also sports a larger data screen and comfortable navigation buttons. Internally, data management options have been added to give administrators more control over the integrity of their water activity data.

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Decagon Devices Inc. It can be integrated into the K-Tron SmartConnex feeder controls, thereby providing one simple control solution for both feeders and vacuum sequencing receivers.

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The controller consists of a central control unit that features an easy-to-use, touch-sensitive keypad operating up to 24 vacuum receivers with individual unit controls. The operator controls the whole system, including turning receivers ooo rotex trading and off, setting draw times, etc. Additional circuit boards are not needed as receivers are added.

The unit is shipped preprogrammed, eliminating complex logic programming. Premier Pneumatics Inc. The powerful software program allows for visual presentation of the running process and enables all batch procedures to be both visually monitored and easily controlled. It can ooo rotex trading and monitor just a single scale or simultaneously control up to 16 production lines and scales operating in parallel.

In addition, the software is extremely flexible and can be used for simple applications or larger process automation tasks.

It runs under Microsoft Windows and uses the powerful MS Access database to manage large quantities of raw-material, recipe, and production data, easily and securely.

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