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This page contains information on how to connect connect your audio and video to participate in a meeting.

Why doesn't my video show all resolution options?

Warning: If multiple people are in the same room e. Otherwise, an unpleasant feedback noise will be produced from the multiple audio sources. Video Options Although it isn't required, using video makes meetings more engaging and is recommended.

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However, video does take up extra bandwidth. This can be a problem if you are joining a meeting from a location that doesn't have a great internet connection. You can also click the up arrow next to the Camera icon to change your camera or adjust other video settings.

Google Slides: Video Options (Updated)

Audio Options Good audio is essential to a productive meeting. Depending on the hardware you have available, where you are located, and your personal preferences, you can choose from one of several audio connection options.

Choosing Phone Call will allow you connect audio by calling into a phone number provided by Zoom.

Private Video - Seen only by you and YouTube users you select Expand A private video can only be seen by you and the users you select. If you use your UCI Google account, you have the option to make it available to let everyone " uci. You can share a private video with other users over email if you want them to see it. Comments are not available on private videos.

Select Phone Call in the audio conference options. Dial one of the listed phone numbers.

what are video options

Note: There are Toll Free options. Zoom will allow you choose your speakers and microphones.

what are video options

It is highly recommended that you test your audio before a meeting. Select Computer Audio in the audio conference options.

what are video options

Optional Click Test speaker and microphone and follow the on-screen prompts to make sure your audio input and output are functioning properly. Click Join with Computer Audio.

what are video options

After you have joined with what are video options audio, you can change your audio input and output devices by clicking on the up arrow next to the Microphone icon in the meeting toolbar. Choosing Call Me will connect audio over the phone by having Zoom call you at a number of your choosing.

what are video options

Select Call Me from the audio conference options. Enter a phone number.

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