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This example is a little contrived, but if you have a situation where one Option instance contains one or more other Options, this article may be helpful. But once I a swore off using null values, and b learned how to properly work with Options, I saw the beauty of the approach. For instance, one look at this class definition tells you that there may or may not be a street2 field; as the Option wrapper type nested option, its optional.

C Programming Tutorial - 18 - Nesting if Statements

When Options contain other Options nested Options Now imagine a case where you have an Option[Person] in an application. How would you do this?

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Now all you have to do is to fill out the body of the function to match that signature. Depending on your needs, you can use a similar approach with any monad, i.

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Note: There is a cleaner version of this approach in the Comments section below. Some sample data A couple of examples will show how getStreet2 works. Motivations My main reason for writing this article was to demonstrate two ways to deal with Option instances that contain other Options.

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As shown, you can use a flatMap or b a for expression to traverse the Nested option to get the value you want. A second reason for writing this article was to give you a little more exposure to flatMap.

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When I first learned Scala, I always thought of flatMap in terms of collections classes, but once you get into other monadic data types like Option, Try, Either, etc.

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