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Reviews The binary options are roughly the only market you can start to trade with such an amount of money. Of course, thanks to this, the options became very widespread and still are the most interesting and attractive source of income today.

Binary Options Charts Types of Trades Weve come to realize that most brokers offer more or less the same trades. The main differences come from the designs of the sites, as well as the way you are placing a trade.

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Lets take 24option. Its as simple as that. Things are a bit different in Banc de Binary, though.

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As you can see, the basic principle is the same, but there are also some subtle, and not so subtle differences. Its important to research your broker before you actually start trading because otherwise you might be left disappointed which is best-case scenario, really, considering the fact that youre playing with real money here.

To reiterate our point, heres an example with Binary. Note that there are different payouts for the two possibilities Rise or Fall, that is. As you can see, three sites and three contrastive scenarios. You need to be very careful in your choices if you want to ensure that your money is safe, as well as that youre getting the best payouts for the risks you take and so on.

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Minimum Initial Deposit This is yet another important factor that should influence your decision — how much is the minimum initial deposit? In other words — how much will you have to put into your account in the beginning? Bear in mind that the bigger the minimum deposit is, the more inclined you will be to trade more, which is ill-advised in the beginning.

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This means that you can begin with only EUR 5 and hopefully but unlikely climb from there. Something like this is very beneficial for you because it gives you the freedom to choose and doesnt force you to tap into more of your funds than you would like.

Banc de Binary and 24option.

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The way you can deposit the amount varies — from bank transfers to credit cards, everything goes and you can use the same channels to withdraw money from your account. A good advice we can give you is to always read the Help and FAQ sections for a site before you decide to make an account and invest your money.

The more you know about a broker, the better.

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When we say touch, we refer to the notion of an asset shifting its value to a certain level up or down. However those bets are played makes no difference to the overall point of the trade, leaving the main objective the same as it always was: either the value of an asset is going to reach a predetermined level or not.

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