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options line indicator

In other words, it indicates the percentage of bars that close above the options line indicator bar over the course of a given time period.

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Psychological Line on the Options line indicator Option platform This indicator can be used on any timeframe daily, weekly, monthly and any asset. Read the full article to learn more about this magnificent indicator, how it works and ways to use it in trading.

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How does it work? Being an Oscillator, Psychological Line fluctuates between 0 and When the indicator is above 50, buyers dominate the market and the overall sentiment is believed to be bullish.

How does it work?

When it is below 50, sellers are in control of the market and the overall sentiment is believed to be bearish. Like most other oscillators, PSY has overbought and oversold levels of its own. When its value is above 70, the asset is considered to be overbought.

options line indicator

When the indicator is below 30, the asset at hand is considered to be oversold. Overbought and oversold levels.

For whom is the indicator suitable?

Conversely, the lower the indicator, the stronger the negative trend. Using the readings of this indicator you will be able to make sound trading decisions. How to use it in trading? As any other indicator, Psychological Line is used either to provide trading signals of its own or to confirm signals received from other indicators. There are several ways to use it in trading. The most important thing to understand about this indicator is that it is a complementary tool and should not be used on options line indicator own.

Even when Psychological Line acts as your primary indicator, its readings should always be confirmed by indicators of other types.

options line indicator

For those of you trading with the trend, opening a BUY deal when the indicator is in the green zone above 50 and a SELL deal when the indicator is in the red zone below 50 is the most commonly used strategy. Positive and negative trends identified by PSY Overbought and oversold levels 70 and 30 respectively can also be used in trading.

How to use it in trading?

When the price crosses the 70 line from below, the asset is overbought. Since the asset cannot stay in the overbought position forever, it will have to leave it sooner or later. A new negative trend can, therefore, be expected. The same applies to the asset that stays in the oversold position for too long.

Drawing Trend Lines Technique

Sooner or later, the price will have to go back up. One thing Psychological Line cannot do is to predict the exact moment when the reversal is expected. You will have to pinpoint it by yourself by using other indicators and your experience. There is one more signal type this indicator is capable of sending.

As any other oscillator, when PSY moves in one direction and the asset price demonstrates counter movement, a divergence is observed. The latter is often associated with an upcoming trend reversal.

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You, as a trader, will have to learn to get rid of them and take into account only the correct readings. How to set up? Setting up the Psychological Line indicator is easy.

options line indicator

Or you can adjust the number of periods used for the calculation. The higher this number the less sensitive PSY will be. The lower the number of periods, the more sensitive the indicator will become but trading robot top that the number of false alarms will also go up.

options line indicator

The indicator is ready to use! Now, when you know how to set up the indicator, you can go to the platform and give it a try.

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Chances are it will become an integral part of your trading strategy. But even if not, you will get a chance to broaden your trading horizons and learn something new.

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Any references to historical price movements or levels is informational and based on external analysis and we do not warranty that any such movements or levels are likely to reoccur in the future. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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