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Two of the cargo changes occurred in the first week of February.

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The other two came after the U. Reuters could not determine whether the move was in response to U.

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It provided a day period to wind down transactions with the firm. Rosneft has said it considers the U.

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Sources in PDVSA and the shipping sector said that the change of buyer by the state-run firm was aimed at avoiding problems for transferring, blending or the reselling of the Venezuelan oil. Another two remained allocated to Rosneft Trading as of Feb. The remaining 13 were allocated to non-Russian companies.

Read more It was not immediately clear if the apparent pullback would lead to a lifting of sanctions on Rosneft Trading and TNK. The Treasury Department has said it will "consider lifting sanctions for those who take concrete, meaningful, and verifiable actions to support democratic order in Venezuela.

They also swap Venezuelan crude for imported fuel that the poverty-striken South American country desperately needs. Other firms taking Venezuelan oil as repayment of loans or late dividends - including U.

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The companies did not immediately answer to requests for comment for this story. Abrams told Reuters in an interview on Monday that Washington would go after continued customers of Venezuelan oil, including those in Asia, and target intermediaries helping.

PDVSA has so far this month exported 1.

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