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Cold storage is an offline wallet used for storing bitcoins. With cold storage, the digital wallet is stored on a platform that is not connected to the internet, thereby protecting the wallet from unauthorized access, cyber hacks and other vulnerabilities to which a system that is connected to the internet is susceptible. Key Takeaways Most cryptocurrency wallets are digital, but hackers can sometimes gain access to these storage tools in spite of security measures designed to prevent theft. Cold storage is a way of holding cryptocurrency tokens offline. By using cold storage, cryptocurrency investors aim to prevent hackers from being able to access their holdings via traditional means.

Of all the choices, the best way to store your cryptocurrency is offline, in a secure cold wallet. You can transfer your cryptocurrencies to your cold wallet without the wallet ever connecting to the internet. You can even hide your cold wallet in cold storage wallet secure location, like a deposit box or otherwise.

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The difficulty is choosing a cold wallet. What is the cold storage wallet crypto cold storage option?

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Should you opt for a hardware wallet or a cold storage paper wallet? Hardware Wallet vs.

Hardware Wallet vs. Paper Wallet: What’s More Secure?

First up, should you use a cryptocurrency hardware wallet or a paper wallet for cold crypto storage? Neither solution is perfect.

SAFEST COLD STORAGE WALLET (It's NOT what you think!!!)

A hardware wallet uses powerful encryption, offers support for numerous cryptocurrencies, and will come with a variety of security options. When it comes down to it, a hardware wallet is the most secure cryptocurrency cold storage option for the reasons above, and more.

What’s the Best Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Option?

A paper wallet is a great one-off cold storage option but lacks the versatility you get with a hardware wallet. Check out our in-depth hardware and paper wallet comparison for more on the pros and cons of each option. Now, onto the best crypto cold storage options available right now.

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Its USB flash drive design means the crypto hardware wallet will fit into your pocket without adding any weight it only weighs around 6g! Out of the box, the Nano S supports over 1, cryptocurrency tokens—more than you could hope to own. The Ledger Nano S is also extremely competitively priced.

For the security on offer and the range of supported cryptos, the Ledger Nano S is one of the best cold storage crypto wallets available. Want to know more about the Ledger Nano S? Check out our Ledger Nano S review for a detailed look at the hardware wallet.

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The upgraded Nano X still follows the same form factor as the Nano S, meaning you can pop it in your pocket or secure it in your safe without taking double option space. Under the hood, however, the Ledger Nano X has some handy upgrades.

What Is Cold Storage For Bitcoin?

The Ledger Nano X comes with a larger screen to make managing your cryptocurrencies easier. One of the other major upgrades is the number of wallet apps you can install.

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The Ledger Nano X supports up to different wallet apps concurrently, a massive boost in comparison to the Nano S. You can use the Nano X as a cold storage wallet for thousands of cryptocurrencies, all in the palm of your hand.

The Model T brings a full-color touchscreen to the cold storage hardware wallet, making it much easier to manage your cryptocurrencies and wallet apps on the device.

Furthermore, the Model T moves PIN and passphrase entry onto the hardware wallet, instead of using a computer or mobile app.

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The switch means you no longer have to worry about the proximity to your phone or computer, as the Model T is now a standalone hardware wallet. You can use the Trezor Model T as cold storage for over 1, different cryptocurrencies, all secured using several different encryption primitives. It comes with support for hundreds of cryptocurrencies, a massive 2. Furthermore, the SecuX V20 is robust.

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The hardware is encased in an aluminum frame, complete with a rubber base for stability and shock absorption. In that, it feels robust and secure—perfect for cold storage!

The primary reason for this is due to the fact that the important parameters that are used to access such wallets do not categorically interact with the internet. In essence, this method keeps the key details of such wallets away from the prying eyes of remote thieves and hackers that specialize in stealing funds that are stored in digital wallets. These top 5 best crypto cold storage devices are worth considering, especially when a huge amount of funds are involved. Cryptocurrency exchanges and similar platforms that enable crypto users to trade and transact on the internet are usually primary targets for hackers. The evidence of this statement is in the history of exchanges that have been hacked during the past couple of years.

KeepKey KeepKey is the hardware and cold storage wallet for the ShapeShift Platform, an up and coming cryptocurrency exchange. Although you can use the KeepKey alongside the ShapeShift exchange, you can also use it as an offline cold storage wallet, too.

The KeepKey is sleek, with a large display on one side that you can use to manage your cryptocurrencies on the device.

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Still, the most important thing is security, and the KeepKey uses strong encryption to secure your cryptocurrencies in cold storage. These hardware wallets let you store your cryptocurrency cold storage wallet cold storage, offline, away from malware, hackers, and other threats.

Hardware wallets are not the only cryptocurrency cold storage option.

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You can also store Bitcoin in an offline wallet using Electrum. We earn commission if you purchase items using an affiliate link.

There has been an increase in the usage and acceptance of virtual currencies alongside a growing number of tokens and investors. However, with the increase in prominence has also come higher incidence of thefts, fraud and hacking. Since the regulatory framework of virtual currencies remains murky, there is often no recourse for owners in case of fraud or theft. The onus to keep bitcoins secure thus typically falls on the investor.

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