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mi token

What is Reward Mi?

How do I join Reward Mi Program? Just follow the link mentioned below, go through the terms and conditions and click accept. We reward every member of the Reward Mi program with 50 Mi Tokens as a welcome gesture.

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What are Mi Tokens? Please mi token, F-codes and Discount Coupons once generated cannot be returned or cancelled to reclaim Mi Tokens.

Reward Mi Welcome Game T&C

How do I earn Mi Tokens? All users who are part of Reward Mi program will receive Mi Tokens for following activities Shopping: For each transaction on mi.

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Tokens will be received upon successful delivery of the product For e. Users will get Mi Tokens against the order placed from the mi.

Evolutionary multi-factor authentication What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Orders placed from Mi Community or any other Mi app will not be considered for the issue of Mi Tokens. Others: Additional income of the organization can also receive Mi tokens for specific campaigns or events.

Reward Mi FAQ

We announce these activities through our official social media channels and Mi. What are the benefits of Mi Tokens? Mi Tokens can be redeemed to get F-codes or Discount Coupons in return.

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F-code is a priority code that allows you to add a Mi product to your shopping cart even when it is not in stock for other customers. Discount coupons help you attain a certain discount on the selling price of the product.

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Can I transfer my Mi Tokens? But you can surely share F-Codes generated from your account with mi token family and friends.

Account Options

Discount coupons are linked to your account, hence only you can use them and are not transferrable. When do my Mi tokens expire? Mi Tokens are valid for a period of minimum 12 Months and maximum 24 months.

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