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Mendel: Corroboration of the idea of binary trait coding by methods of statistical physics

Dugouts: A new player in the fight against climate change 06 Loaded Dice: How Sandeep Mishra is unlocking the links between risktaking and inequality 08 Projecting future climate change to help keep Canadians safe 17 Photos by Risa Horowitz, associate professor in the Department of Visual Arts.

In JuneHorowitz attended the Summer Solstice Arctic Expedition, an artist residency devoted to art and science, with a focus on the environment.

Mendel: Corroboration of the idea of binary trait coding by methods of statistical physics

The works in this layout are the results of her sun-tracking marathon. The magazine is emailed or mailed to internal and external stakeholders of the University. Ideas and opinions published in Discourse do not necessarily reflect those of the editor, the office of the Vice-President Research or the University of Regina.

Letters and editorial contributions are welcome. The call for submissions is sent out through the University research listserv. If you have a research project, recent achievement, award, funding update, have written or edited a book or have been included in a world-class publication and would like to see your work profiled in Discourse, or if you are working with or supervising students conducting interesting research, please send submissions to: discourse.

The research culture at the University of Regina continues to volodin s method binary options on quality, as national and international measures confirm. An ARC value greater than one means that the paper or the group of papers received more citations than the world average.

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Our 1. In October, Research Infosource ranked the University of Regina one of the top 50 research universities in Canada and placed us first in research revenue growth While we rightfully feature some of our lead researchers in this magazine, it is important that we acknowledge the amazing teams, units and individuals behind the scenes that make this outstanding research possible.

This turns out to be a rather challenging task, because what office on the University of Regina campus is not directly or indirectly connected with supporting faculty and students to achieve their research goals? And while the list goes on and on, the bottom line is that for every successful University of Regina researcher we celebrate, there are scores of individuals behind the scenes doing their work with passion and dedication. So with all that we have to celebrate regarding our research impact stature domestically and globally, and the awards that we have received and will continue to receive, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the University staff that support our efforts — quite simply, we could not do what we do without you.

The end goal is to determine if these natural products can be used instead of, or in combination with, antifungal drugs.

Every day fungi grow more resistant to pharmaceuticals, says Shahina, so this research could be a game-changer, especially for those susceptible to fungal infections.

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Working with her advisor Tanya Dahms, professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, along with research associate Taranum Sultana, Shahina is putting cinnamon bark, cinnamon leaf, clove earn 50 fast rosemary oil under the microscope to see how they work against Candida, a common opportunistic pathogen that causes fungal infections. You may be eligible to be part of this research if you have a history of bullying victimization and still feel bothered by that experience either recently or early in life or are currently being bullied in your workplace, are 18 years or older, live in Saskatchewan and have access to a computer and the internet.

You will receive 12 sessions of online therapy, as well as questionnaires and assignments between sessions. For more information, please contact the Anxiety and Illness Behaviours Laboratory at or bullying.

Her research into treating the effects of bullying centres on providing online therapy to victims of volodin s method binary options. Her interest in bullying was piqued through her research and clinical practice volodin s method binary options the field of trauma, where she learned about the pronounced and prolonged effects bullying can have on victims.

This year she was one of only five recipients in Canada to be awarded the World Fellowship, a fund established to provide opportunities for women from foreign countries to pursue graduate studies in Canada and the United States. While I was producing the film, in Maya woman from Prince George went missing. How and why does this phenomenon continue? This kilometre section of Highway 16, between Prince Rupert and Prince George, is where 19 women have dissappeared over the span of more than 30 years.

Binary options Volodin reviews

Of those cases, 18 remain unsolved. Thumbing a ride was an easy way to get from place to place in communities without public transportation.

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Growing up on the outskirts of Houston, British Columbia, living adjacent to Highway 16, Wild had her own experience with this infamous stretch of road. Wild recognized the driver as a family friend. Only once safe inside did she learn she was being followed.


As the car pulled away, I watched him dart into the brush and further into the trees. Because Wild is from the area, she says she gained a lot of trust from the locals who she says gave graciously of their time and energy to speak with her and appear on camera. She has also learned a lot of troubling information from them. They live with no answers.

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What is absent is implementation. Looking back, Wild now sees the severity of her incident. She also Wild points to public transportation as one example. She says an initial proposal for public transportation along the entire interchange was made inbut only got up and running in the summer ofadding that it will take years to know if it has any effect on reducing the numbers of new missing and murdered women.

She has also applied for entry into several film festivals. These bodies of water that dot the landscape may also prove to be a game changer in the fight against climate change. Not only could they help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, dugouts may also offset the carbon tax. Furthermore, the team is using results from their prairie dugout research to help develop water management processes that could combat harmful CO2 emissions across the country.

This research is supported by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture. Chan is the first female Fellow of the Academy at the University of Regina. She is an international researcher who has done pioneering work in engineering applications of artificial intelligence.

It claimed that any characteristic is determined by two factors.

Fellows are nominated and elected by their peers on the basis of their distinguished achievements and career-long service to the engineering profession. The first study Photo credit: Charles Schelle, Frostburg State University 3 3 2 4 4 of its kind published in Canada, the report has been downloaded more than 4, times, placing it in the top five per cent of all research tracked by Altmetric, a company that monitors and analyses online engagement with scholarly research.

The award recognizes scholars who are challenging commonly held assumptions earnings on bitcoin Canadian education policy, practice or theory. He hopes his research can serve the Fransaskois community — and other small linguistic groups — by analyzing how the textual environment of a minority language can better support its community of speakers.

Stuck at their yard line as the final seconds of the game count down, their only chance is to throw a Hail Mary pass for a touchdown. The obvious choice for the team is to go for the risky play to close the gap. Unfortunately, that sense of desperation and inevitability might be the same feeling motivating a problem gambler on the brink of homelessness to spend their paycheque at the craps table. As the old saying goes, and as new research seems to confirm, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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According to him, people take risks based on many variables, real and perceived. Real variables like inequality increase the likelihood that people will take risks, but the craps player may also feel a stronger urge to put it all on the line after seeing a nearby table volodin s method binary options the jackpot.

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The associate professor of organizational behaviour studies the psychology of risk through his work with the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina. He is particularly interested in understanding how aspects of environment, such as income inequality, motivate risk-taking behaviour.

One experiment from demonstrates that people tend to take more risks when they believe they are at a disadvantage. Later, they had both participants gamble. In another experiment, he had participants play a reactiontime game involving clicking targets on a computer screen. The researchers then told the test takers their results were related to intelligence.

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The experiment showed that people who believed they were competitively disadvantaged engaged in riskier behaviour. One key factor linking these two studies is that both place participants in a situation of relative deprivation. What we do know, on an aggregate level, is that income inequality is one volodin s method binary options the best predictors of things like gambling rates, property crimes, violent crimes, teen pregnancy — any kind of risk you can imagine. Beshai works in clinical psychology and is particularly interested in depression.

The data seems to explain a big chunk of variance in depression symptoms. This is maybe an important process for treatment.


Sometimes the best motivator is competition. Relative deprivation is an interesting problem because it summarizes the emotional mechanism that leads us to taking risks. Now, the two want to find out what separates risktaking motivated by desperation and risk-taking motivated by skill or having the means to reduce the chances of failure.

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My favourite is Isaac Asimov's Foundation series, where there is a mathematical science of history. They are able to predict the major forces going on — economics, religious powers, trade. We might be able to make generalizations through this model and determine which factors hold more weight when it comes to risktaking behaviour. Preference -ba.

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