Earn on options reviews

earn on options reviews

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Please try again later. My biggest problem is that the editing is abysmal.

Time and time again the math is not correct, the decimal points are in the wrong place and the formula's have parenthesis in the wrong place. The references to graphs and charts are wrong at times. The option chains depicted are too small and too "dim" to read since they were obviously screen copied from a trading program.

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The author will describe a trade from an option trade and when you look at it you wonder where he is getting his numbers from. He will use the "last price" on a portion of the trade he is describing while using the "bid" price on the other half. That makes no sense This is not a critique of the content, only the presentation.

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If you have an intermediate knowledge of options you can sentence by sentence, formula by formula figure out what the author is describing or trying to say. It is extremely tedious but can be done.

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Since this book is "text book" style with test questions at the end of every chapter one would expect that a much better job of editing the material would have occurred.

Add to this the fact that this book is relatively expensive it makes you even more miffed when you have to spend time deciphering each point. I give the book a "B-" grade on content and an "F" on presentation. I let the average grade to you to figure earn on options reviews since you are going to need the practice to get through this.

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