Kudymkar agro trading

kudymkar agro trading

OKVED Retail trade is classified primarily by types of retail enterprises retail trade in stores of universal assortment, retail trade outside stores. Retail trade in stores of the universal range of goods includes: retail sales of used goods.

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For retail sales in Department stores, further distinguish between retail sales in specialty stores and retail sales in non-specialized stores. The above-mentioned groupings are further subdivided kudymkar agro trading the range of products sold.

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Non-Department store sales are divided according to forms of trade, such as retail sales in tents and markets, and other non-Department store sales, such as mail-order sales, end-to-end delivery, vending machines, and so on. Therefore, products that are not usually sold in retail trade, such as cereals, ores, industrial equipment, and so on.

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Traditionally used in trade, the processing of goods does not affect the main characteristics of the goods and may include, for example, only their sorting, separation, mixing and packaging Also include: - retail trade through Commission sales agents and activities of retail auction houses 23 TOP 20 organizations in the region According to the financial statements. Only existing companies.

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