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MLM organization may not technically be in the shape of a pyramid, but the lines have become more and more blurred over the years as regulations have relaxed.

This list of multi-level marketing companies highlights the most successful, many of which have revenues in the billions.

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The top network marketing companies, Amway, Avon, and Herbalife, have outlived many of their competitors, with all three of them lasting for decades. Check out our MLM company list to see which are the biggest Click the image to view full size Would you like to add this infographic to your page?

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An MLM company is a multi-level marketing company, which can also be referred to as referral marketing, network marketing, or pyramid selling. But what does MLM mean?

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MLM company. The one key difference between an illegal pyramid scheme and a legal MLM is that an MLM business will sell an actual product and earn actual income outside of the recruitment of more people, which often involves top earnings in the network paying a fee.

There are red flags for spotting a predatory product-based pyramid schemebut this is the key difference.

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The FTC outlines tips for figuring out whether a business like this is legitimate enough to make money off of. Many past sellers and representatives are angry about this, as these marketing strategies uniquely target women and those who need alternatives to full-time jobswho were often financially vulnerable to start with.

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Here are some of the best and most successful MLMs by revenue. Like Inifinitus, the company has also come under fire for their health claims. This reward system is still very popular for MLM structures.

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Marketing nutrition and health products, this company has had trading of its stock suspended by the SEC in recent years. FDA over claims that their products can treat things like dementia and autism.

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