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Wallet of Satoshi | The World's Simplest Bitcoin Lightning Network Wallet

Number of lightning payments made: Just what you need to see, and nothing you don't.

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Top Up Options Send bitcoin from an exchange or buy directly from us. Scan to Pay Scan the merchant's QR code.

Connecting the world through instant payments

So Easy - your Mum could use it No fuss, no confusion. Frequently Asked Questions What is Lightning?

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Lightning is an open source retail payment system built on top of Bitcoin. Its main purpose is to enable extremely fast and cheap payments, much faster and cheaper than regular Bitcoin transactions, while retaining the same level of security.

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It is used for the kind of payments that you would expect when shopping; fast, cheap and reliable. It also allows for micro-payments: the sending of extremely small amounts of money, in the order of one ten-thousandth of a cent at a time.

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What is Wallet of Satoshi? Wallet of Satoshi is a mobile app for iOS and Android that lets you send and receive Lightning payments. It is a zero-configuration custodial wallet with a focus on simplicity and the youtube binary options trading possible user experience.

Kim immediately exchanged the bitcoins I sent him for dollars to avoid just that risk. Still, the currency is young and has several attributes that appeal to merchants.

It can be downloaded using the links at walletofsatoshi. Where Can I Spend Lightning? You are still early, but the list is growing all the time.

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Of Course! With Wallet of Satoshi you can pay a Lightning Invoice or satoshi get directly to an on-chain Bitcoin address.

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When you scan a QR code or paste it directly into your walletyour WoS will automatically identify what type of payment it is and will create the correct transaction type for you instantly. Yes, you can buy Bitcoin directly in the WoS app in over countries! Just tap the green "Buy Bitcoin" button on the main screen and follow the prompts.

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To ensure you can access your wallet satoshi get the event of a broken or lost phone, just be sure to sign into your WoS with your email address. This will allow you to recover your balance and payment history on a new device.

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