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How to Make Money If You Are a Disabled Person | Career Trend

I applied in March and My caseworker Crystal was very knowledgeable, helpful and quick to answer any questions I had.


I would highly recommended this firm to my family and friends. Thank you Crest SSD! Thorough in getting and keeping up with medical conditions.

Thank you All so But my I was approved with my first try. I applied back in February and was approved in November. Just goes to show you you can reach out to other States to assist I live in Illinois and reached out to Crest and won my case without having to go to any courts.

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My SO used them to get his disability and it had to go all the way up to a These conditions take anywhere from years to fully diagnose and are usually fast tracked through SSA because of this. We sent several e-mails containing the diagnose including letters from his Neurologist, copies of the MRI and ALL the other test results.

During the hearing his lawyer was rude and even talked over my SO trying to answer his question. Whenever we called either had to leave a voice mail or a message with the receptionist. Most of the time we did not hear back until we would call again then maybe get a call back. Most of the time it took 3 or more times to get anyone to call us. We had to file the last appeal ourselves, received a letter that they would not continue with our case Fortunately we kept all records of the days and times we sent the e-mails containing his information.

How to Make Money If You Are a Disabled Person | Career Trend

Also have all copies of the attachments sent. I do believe that having representation is the Thanks to Crest I will have the chance to enjoy my retirement while my chronic pain still allows, I have no idea what Creat does in the back ground, but it was enough.

They helped I did everything else. Personally the company is ok, a little more communication would be helpful. I do believe that t received my benefits without any issues because of them.

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They did make my filing process simple. They are very polite and courteous when you speak They call you to get updates on your condition so it can be placed in your file.

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If you don't hear from them it doesn't mean they are not doing their job because they are working on your case. I really appreciate everything they have done for me doing my waiting period.

So give them a call if you're having difficulty in getting your disability. My disability claim went thru the first time AND in under six months. Communication between my Crest contact, Amanda and myself was amazing.

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A nightmare made easy. Red tape changed to yellow. Thanks again. I was surprised on how fast I got it.

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I thought it Apply in February and I received my who can help a disabled person make money check on September Just took 7 months. Thank you guys!

Out of Work and Need Help Determining if You Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

Thanks guys. Anytime I I knew that Crest SSD, knew what they were doing. They made sure I filed the correct forms and filled them out properly. With their assistance it took the guesswork and frustration out of it.

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I would say that having someone like Crest SSD who really knew how to navigate the system was definitely the right choice. I will start receiving my monthly benefits September I couldn't have asked for a faster return. Thank you Trading strategies SSDread more Robin Lancster 07 Sep 20 People is very friendly and very helpful and it was really fast than I thought it was going to take longer than

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