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Ella Pamfilova in and Irina Khakamada in were the others. She got 1. What is next for her politically?

Ksenia Sobchak, the Stiletto in Putin’s Side

Is there any hope for liberalism or opposition of any kind in Russia? This has yet to be seen. And will Putin attempt to extend his term beyond the next six years?

We meet before her sold-out appearance at Pushkin House.

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How did it feel to get 1. Her platform includes speaking out about political prisoners and championing human rights activists. Sobchak meeting Putin after the election.

Whose side is she on, though? Navalny had argued that only those in prison are barred from running, but the ban was upheld.

Sobchak ambushed him with her iPhone.

How did Sobchak Ksenia make money TV appearances in Russia during the electoral campaign did the most to convince me that there must be something genuine about her. On one live broadcast after another, she was hounded, harangued, ridiculed and humiliated. She generally managed to maintain her composure in the face of appalling rudeness and bullying by making succinct, clear points and rarely losing her temper. You thought up this format.

Sobchak in Moscow in Putin never lowers himself to debate anyone. Why would he? It never happens.

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We have sexism. There are very few women in politics. Domestic violence has been decriminalised.

Putin rival Ksenia Sobchak insists she is not part of Kremlin plot

The women should be looking after the home and children. It makes me sad. But the only thing you can do is fight it.

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She suggests this is the most logical outcome six years from now. Putin has hinted that he will not stand again inso the narrative is becoming about succession. Will he choose another KGB alumnus, like him? Or someone more liberal? She speaks openly on the case of the poisoning of the Skripals, saying she has no insider knowledge but would be very surprised if it were ordered by the state so close to an election.

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He is above that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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Eighteen years. She may understand the situation perfectly and be able to articulate it she is certainly a great speaker.

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But she can come across as an apologist, as Navalny has hinted. They convinced people that they are surrounded by enemies. These arguments worked well on people. It will be released in Russia in May and she is hoping for a British release, too.

How does that add up? There are not very many opportunities to change the situation. But you have to try.

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