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4 Kelvin Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems from Janis and SHI

Specialized for neutron scattering and diffraction applications Special SHI with very large cold plate on 2nd stage and cooled radiation shield windows This system also has six semi-rigid cables connected from hermetic 2.


Show with optional mounting stand with a black anodized finish. This system is ideal when fine optical alignment is required for experimental samples.

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Download a mechanical drawing of this system. PDF KB. SHI-4T with a large cold plate on the second stage This photo shows a special model SHI-4T non-optical cryogen-free system with a large cold plate on the second stage. The system is designed to mount directly onto a user-supplied UHV chamber. This particular customer plans to use this system in scanning probe microscopy measurements.

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With this special system's radiation shield window configuration, it has a base temperature of 3 K. Special 1.

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The end user will install this cryocooler in an existing vacuum chamber and make his own connections to his Hydrogen inlet and outlet lines. Janis Research provided the cold head with the cooling coils and an instrumentation skirt. The second stage has a heater and temperature sensor to make it a fully variable temperature system.

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The customer connected the cooling coils to their room-temperature gas supply with the other end going into the ion trap. Similar systems could be used in other applications to condense any gas into liquid.

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SHI with cooled radiation shield windows for operation below 3 K typical This model SHI has optional cooled radiation shield windows. The base temperature of this 1.

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Standard window block with countersunk screw holes option Janis Research usually uses pan-head screws on the retainers of window blocks, which add about 0. This option can be offered on most window blocks with o-ring sealed windows.

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Modified window block The photos show a standard optical cryostat with a specially modified window block. Two of the windows are our standard 1.

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The other two windows are a special 2. Optional rotating stand for 4 K and 10 K cryocooler systems This model PTSHI features an optional rotating stand that allows the user to flip the entire cryostat upside-down.

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This is convenient for changing samples. The cryostat itself is rather heavy and it doesn't have any flat option shi that will allow it to rest upside-down by itself.

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  • 4 Kelvin Closed Cycle Refrigerator Systems from Janis and SHI – Quantum Design Latin America
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Without this rotating stand, gaining access to the sample area would be very difficult and inconvenient. This particular stand is designed to option shi the cryostat 50 mm above the surface of an optical table but could be designed to hold the cryostat at any height specified by the customer. This stand can be used option shi 4 K and 10 K cryocooler systems.

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