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R 49 downloads Hi Damien, I'm having a curious problem with biomod2. I'm using a dataset of 94 presences and only one set of PA. I have no problems formatting the data or running the models If I only use numeric predictor variables. None of the models fail and everything is fine.

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However, I have one categorical predictor that I want to include in the analysis. I'm using the same computer and the same code that worked matrx eness binary options just ten minutes ago. The only thing I changed was adding the categorical predictor in the data frame of my explanatory variables.

The biomod data formatting still works fine, and all the models work the best options site except for Maxent. I've double checked that java is updated and working, and that maxent.

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I've repeated the same analysis a couple of times with the same result: when I only use numerical predictors everything works fine, when I add one categorical predictor my Maxent models fail. Is this a bug with Maxent?

Or am I missing something?

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Do I have to include additional instructions in the code so that Maxent can recognize a categorical predictor? I'm attaching my R script here so you can see the code until line Please let me know if you want to see any other information in order to help.

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Thanks in advance!

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