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It was a ritual.


I did it, and I loved it. There were so many good cartoons when I was a kid.

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They have colorful characters, clever songs and wind up teaching us about our government, good eating habits or proper hygeine. The most remembered and visible of these public service announcements were the Schoolhouse Rock shorts.

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Dc snals indicator for binary options on the ABC network, Schoolhouse Rock taught kids the Preamble to the Constitution, how your nervous system works and how a bill becomes a law. ABC produced scores of other cartoon PSAs with catchy tunes and fun mascots that taught kids about healthy eating and how to get a job.

Many times these PSAs are lumped into Schoolhouse Rock when we think back on them, but they were separately produced with different voice actors.

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You will probably remember most of these, if not, your welcome for putting songs about nutty snack mix into your head for the next 12 hours. These are probably the most remembered shorts next to Schoolhouse Rock as they played well into the ekb how to make money. Now, I get it. He carried around a giant stopwatch that went off whenever something was about to happen in the body hunger, sleepiness, etc.

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None of the Timer shorts have titles, they are known by their catchy songs. I remember actually doing this several times. Timer was so popular that he actually made an appearance on Family Guy.

Also like Timer, the Bod Squad promoted healthy eating and good hygiene.

Hoppsan! Den sidan kan inte hittas.

You are welcome. The songs for this PSA had the best arrangements and are the jazziest on this list.

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Watching these YouTube videos I forgot how good these songs are. Name Gameis probably my favorite. The song is an interpretation of the song, Name Game, and tells kids how their interests can translate into real world jobs.

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Future Blob is also very catchy and tells kids how to prepare for the future. Before this article, I would have said Timer is my favorite, but Zach has made a strong case for himself being my new BFF. The Chopper — One of my favs.

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Great song and I love that the title character is a Fonzi wannabe. Question, where the hell did Chopper find that gi-normous celery stick at the end!?

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And is the nut and tomato standing next to Chopper going to let him chomp down on their celery friend? Make a Saturdae — I totally remember thinking this one was lame when it aired.

Pineapple, banana and whipped cream is not the same as ice cream and chocolate sauce. Those were some of my favorites, are there any others you remember? Share this post:.

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