Signals for crypto trading

signals for crypto trading

How do you move from earning scraps off the crypto market to profitability? But none of these have what it takes to turn you into a profitable crypto investor. We take you through the different stages most investors have to go through before they can eventually turn profitable.

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Almost always, it starts with manual trading crypto signals and social trading for crypto trading newbies before turning to automated systems. We explore this crypto evolution, detailing the different stages at which most crypto investors are currently stuck in before letting you in on the ultimate crypto investment strategy. In most instances, traders start by interacting with such manual trading strategies as crypto signals.

Others opt for the fully-automated crypto trading bots that are synonymous with the promise of massive returns. Soon, they no touch binary options shift to the more flexible DIY crypto trading bots that allow them to tweak the trade settings.

Crypto Trading Signals – How They Work

But all these have serious faults that either cause traders to lose their investments or not make any tangible returns at all. This dims their ability to progress to pro investors.

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Crypto Signals Crypto signals are some of the most popular crypto trading strategies for beginners. This involves linking up with a crypto signal provider, receiving trade signals, and entering into the guided positions. Different crypto signal providers, however, adopt varied tactics in their approach of the trade, with significant differences in, for example, the number of currencies they monitor, the mode of signal distribution, and signal fees.

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Anyone with basic knowledge on how to interpret crypto charts can set up signals for crypto trading crypto signal signals for crypto trading service. In most cases, these providers will claim to be crypto professionals or highly experienced traders.

They will claim to have mastered the trade and are now just looking to help others, especially newbies, turn a coin trading the highly competitive crypto markets.

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Crypto signal providers believe and have their followers believe that one can understand the markets by merely looking at the charts. They hold the opinion that they can understand the future of the markets by simply looking at its past operations.

But they are wrong. And this line of thinking stems from the inherent human inclination to believe that we can draw patterns from even the most random data. A signal service provider can also be a cryptanalysis algorithm programmed to identify the best trade entry points.


When these points are triggered, the system sends out automated crypto trading signals to its subscribers. Three types of providers, mainly the professionals that analyze the markets manually, algorithmic systems and a hybrid of algorithm and professionals traders dominate the crypto signal market.

The professionals will send out signals based on the results of their market and chart analysis. Automated traders, on the other hand, have automated systems that send out trade signals as soon as their preset trade entry triggers are hit. The hybrid signals providers, however, use the algorithms to analyze the market and identify trade entry points.

They nevertheless have one thing in common; they all base their analysis on the results of a combination of technical analysis tools, latest news, rumors, and market conditions.

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  • These signals are trade ideas that the provider has researched themselves and therefore thinks that there is a high probability of making a return.

The Signal The trade signal comprises of three critical parts: the trade entry price, the take profit price, and the stop-loss price. Some trade signal providers may also offer additional information such as analysis of the different trade prices like the entry price or stop-loss levels.

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But given the time-sensitive nature of these signals, the provider will only send out the trade entry points first and the information supporting these trade points much later.

You, therefore, need to fully trust that the cryptocurrency signal provider has your interests at heart given that you will enter into virtually all crypto trades blindly. Who Uses Crypto Signals? Depending on signal providers to help you get into trades, however, calls for a lot of trust on the part of traders.

This means you need to properly vet the signal providers before subscribing to their services. You need to look at factors such as the experience and professionalism of the individuals behind the service.

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You also need to look at their win-to-loss ratio and only subscribe to the provider with the highest win ratio. Additionally, you need to consider the frequency of their trades, their subscription fees, and minimum trade amounts as well as the mode through which they distribute these trading signals. Modes of Signal Distribution: There is a very short window of time between receiving the signal and entering into a trade.

The speed at which you enter into a winning signal ultimately determines how much you make from the trade. As such, signal providers try to use efficient modes of communication in delivering these signals to as many of their subscribers as possible. Some of the most common modes of signal distribution include: Texts: Text message is one of the most effective and most popular method of delivering the best crypto signals.

Crypto Trading Charts

The fact that virtually everyone has a phone makes it the perfect signal distribution tool. The text message alert is also hard to ignore. Telegram bots: Telegram messaging comes in as yet another favorite for most signal distributors.

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Secondly, Telegram allows for the development of automated trading bots that are easy to integrate into the trading systems. These will automatically enter into a trade immediately the signal is received using preset trade parameters. Emails: Emails also count as a form of signal distribution.

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However, most signal providers only have them as an alternative distribution option for the text or telegram messages.

But latency of these channels puts investors at a huge disadvantage in comparison to for example trading bots. Charges and other fees A cryptocurrency signal distribution channel can be either free or paid. These two are telegram based, meaning that most of signals for crypto trading signals are delivered via telegram bots.


This tells you that signals providers are out to make money — not by trading but from selling untested signals. Furthermore, if these signals were as profitable as they claim, they would open trades, not sell them.

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Most virtual signal providers indicate a disclaimer that their signals are just suggestions, hence no guarantee you will profit from their execution. You are obliged to pay the subscription fee whether you win, lose, or fail to trade all their trade suggestions.

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