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Trade copier tools for traders and brokers Copy any trades unlimitly! TTFX Trade Copier is a powerful tool offering you a complete copying solution for the forex industry.

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This tool is unique and great for copying transactions remotely between multiple accounts in different locations over the Internet, as well as locally on the same computer. This is the perfect solution for a signal provider who wants to share their trade with other participants around the world according to their own rules.

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One vendor can copy transactions to multiple recipients, and one recipient can also receive transactions from multiple vendors. The provider can even set a subscription expiration date for each recipient so that the recipient cannot receive the signal after that time. Each provider account can be copied to an unlimited number of local recipients and an unlimited number of remote recipients at the same time.

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With this copier, you can run your own business by copying your trade to clients and spreading your success around the world.

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